Best-selling author Anthony Trucks shares his story along with his failures, triumphs and successes in his debut title,
Trust Your Hustle: A Life Forged By Fire Pt. 1.

Out of seven billion people on this planet, here lies a story, the story of my life, that has allowed me to find out what it truly means to “Trust Your Hustle” and live an unexpected life. As you reach the end you will come to realize that this truly is “A Life Forged By Fire.”

Identity Shift: Upgrade how you operate to elevate your life

In his sophomore publication, Anthony shares the secrets to success, but not in the gimmicky way that readers are used to. Innate with in all of us lies the ability to shift into the identity that enables us to unlock a new level of power, perspective, passion, productivity and to be successful in life. This book is the concept and process to making an identity shift that will change your life.

The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength, Conditioning and Performance

GPS Planner

In 2011 I was trying to scale a business with 20 direct employees, be a present father, stay in shape, and trying to have a great relationship. Unfortunately I had no structure, no plan, and no hope of succeeding. I was forced to create a tool that allowed me to succeed in all areas of life and the first planner was born. Fast forward 9 years of refinement and perfection and I introduce you to the GPS Planner.)