I’m going to say something very risky. It’s going to change your life. Are you ready? Yeah? Well, listen closely.

Everything that you’ve ever known is pushing you further away from fulfillment. Confused? Isn’t everyone. The reason I’m saying this is because it’s true.

Are you fulfilled? Are you living with some sort of purpose that makes you not question your actions or everyday life? No? That’s because you have to step out of the known. You can’t seek an answer about the sea on the ground. You have to dive really deep to find it.

The ocean is too big and you’re still on the shore. And I know it’s scary. But no one ever did something amazing by living and doing the same thing every single day. So, remember. Staying out of the already known on purpose will gift you with a purpose.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks