Let me tell you a story about two brothers. They were the exact opposite of each other. While one’s head was in the clouds, one was on the ground. One couldn’t wait for the sun to come up, and one waited for the moon each night.

And they lived like that for centuries, in pure harmony. Every day, they inspired one another with their passions. When one said he loved the ocean, the other one went into the forest, and that went back and forth. They were at peace.

But one day, one of the brothers went missing. The other one searched and searched but couldn’t find him anywhere, as if he just vanished. As time went by, the remaining brother started losing interest in everything he once loved. To him, there was no point in worshiping the moon, when his other half won’t be there in the morning to do the same with the sun. After a while, he was completely crushed and the balance was gone.

Something that was once a reason to live has become painful and tragic, just because he had no one to reflect his passions too. Share what you have at the moment you have it because doing it alone won’t last, nor will it keep you going enough to greet the moon every night.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks