Weakness. That’s a word and a ‘personality trait’ that a lot of people are afraid of. But let’s try to rephrase that.

Imagine your journey to whatever goal you have as a road. An actual journey. You had to go through a wild jungle, the deep sea, through a dark forest etc. And now, after a lifetime of traveling, you came across a pole that you have to climb on to get to the other side of this imaginary cliff.

What are you going to do? You’ve gone this far, but you’re ready to give up just like that? And just because you think your arms are not strong enough to carry you? Nonsense. If you hang there for just a small period of time, you’d be able to make it to the other side. This is what you’ve been training for your whole life, you just don’t know it yet. And when will I know, you may ask? You’ll know when you find yourself hanging halfway through that pole.

? Always Own Your Shift ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks