At one point in your life, you’re gonna come to the part where you ask yourself: ‘Why’? And you are not alone with this one, almost no one really knows what they’re doing.

And that’s more than okay because the greatest revelations and inventions are just lucky mistakes. But before that, they were just another road or journey their perpetrator tried and probably failed to finish.

A lot of you are scared to make mistakes and I know why. Even you know why. But that’s not the purpose of this. You are reading this because you don’t really know why God created you.

And don’t get me wrong, you will not find out just by sitting in front of the TV, waiting for it to drop from the sky. You have to get up, try, fail, cry, wait…and then do it all over again until you don’t do it because you have to anymore.

You’ll know when you’ll be done, actually, you’ll feel it. As I said, you won’t do it because you have to, you’ll do it because you feel the love while doing it.

? Always Own Your Shift ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks