What’s it like to be in the eye of the storm? Well, how do you know that you’re not living in one right now? People always look at it as a bad thing, they always want the storm to pass. But, those heavy rains, thunder and the chaos around draws something out of us that calm seas just don’t. And how do we do this, how can we see what’s going on in front of us if the rain keeps blocking our sight?

It’s not that hard actually. Let yourself be in the center of a storm, but don’t let the storm rise inside of you. Accept these tropical and chaotic dark periods as a learning experience. Heavy rains aren’t meant to drown us, they are meant to wipe us clean. So, I need you to stay focused.

Keep those windshields up and running at all times. If you don’t see the road ahead, instead of rebuilding and perfecting your life after the storm has passed, you’ll waste time looking back on what you lost. Rain comes and goes, but regret…that is a hurricane that won’t leave you alone.

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Written by : Anthony Trucks