So let’s say you have this dream, right? You’ve imagined winning in this situation about 1000 times, right? You’ve even imagined what you’ll say as your ‘thank you’ speech, didn’t you? You’ve done all these things, you exercised your mind to imagine situations that are quite separate from reality, but you haven’t even put on your running shoes to get into the race? You don’t even have your running clothes on, don’t you? And what do we call a person who wants something more than anything in the world but it’s too afraid to even make the first step? We call that a very scared individual, and it’s not a surprise, a lot of us are scared. But a lot of us work really hard to overcome our fears and make that daydream into something that we can actually experience in real life. Are you afraid of something? Well, make sure that your dream is 1000 times bigger than any fear could ever be.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks