In today’s episode, our guest is Victoria Wieck, world-renowned jewelry designer and aspiring author. She has been on HSN selling her products and has 20 years in this realm and she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the jewelry industry. She has done stuff around jewelry and design. 

[5:43] Why should I listen to you?

I hope to be able to prove that my time was worth our time was worked together.  I have a very interesting story, a different story, and it’s my story, so I’m going to own it. 

[8:52] Back in 1989 or when I started my company, we were the first generation of females. I’m going to work outside the home in a manager position before mostly secretaries, restaurants, and whatnot. So basically, we were working like crazy, and I left my kids. I was going to leave my kids at home the same way my parents left me. They did it involuntarily, but I had a choice. I pretty much started my company in search of freedom, emotional freedom, more than money. 

[10:37] The journey to build a $500 million business. 

Two very distinctive parts work together emotionally. When I started my business, I was surrounded by naysayers, including my parents, basically telling me you’re going to fail unless you have some loads of money. Today, you have social media; you have the same sort of all the pundits and experts that have never been in business before telling you why you’re going to fail. 

[12:02] I’m a jewelry designer. There’s no business more competitive than jewelry design. Every corner, there was a jeweler. It doesn’t take a lot of money to get into the business. It takes money to succeed. I’ve taken this business, conduct to this very saturated business, and somehow find a niche. Grow it, elevate it, innovated it, and then eventually dominated the industry.

[14:44] The emotional part is being disciplined, be consistent, believe in yourself, do something. And remember what I said it, we are also inundated with people who want to motivate you, inspire you, encourage you to do all of this. All those words are words. They don’t do anything for you. Actions result in something.

[20:25] I created a job in line for women, those women, working women outside the home who needed to look polished, who needed to have some femininity around her who craved it, who was willing to pay for it. She was making money on her own, and she required jewelry to wear every day.  

[21:38] And you better love your customer because that’s who you’re going to hang out with. That is who’s going to pay all your bills. 

[26:50] Failure

I’ve planned my Failure. When I finally got the first samples, I didn’t go to New York or the big markets where my buyers were. I went to the small market in Dallas, where I could afford to make some mistakes. If my vendor screwed up and the hinges don’t work, and it was not seven inches, it was four and a half. I was going to find out a smaller market. I kind of cast strove with real customers, smaller-scale customers.

[27:51] Failure is not a bad thing. It’s not how many times you fail. It’s how you get up each time. You better get up differently each time. 

[28:21] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

God made the promise that no matter what comes my way, that I was not going to start, I was not going to suffer. And that there was a purpose in my life as long as I’m breathing. No matter what happens, there was a purpose, and I need to find that purpose. 

Key Quotes

[12:51- 12:55] “Every single thing that you believe in yourself, you’ll have to tune out people.”

[14:59-15:05] “All those words are words, they don’t do anything for you. Actions result in something.”

[15:30-15:36] “Things are possible if you allow it to be in your world, if you want it bad enough.”

[16:42-16:48] ‘You can’t be changing your future self all the time, because then you’re just going to be forever in the romance.”

[17:24-17:35] “You have to understand when you own a business, it’s not about you, it’s about your customer and you have to constantly understand the difference between the two.”

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