In today’s episode of Aww Shift Podcast, we have invited Tori Gordon, an Award-Winning content creator, TikTok’s Top 100 Female Creator of 2021, a Master Coach, host of The Coachable Podcast, and a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator. Tori has always been fascinated with the world’s ways. This curiosity enabled her to understand where she stands in the grand scheme of things. Today, Tori shares how she found her path after the constant struggle to understand what she wanted to do in life.

[04:14] Why should we listen to you?

It all starts from an initial feeling, the non-verbal communication you get from seeing me. It’s the first thing we often pick up on from people. Perhaps, the way I smile, look, or even my posture invites you to connect or talk. This is something that I unconsciously do that allows me to connect with people and bringing the barrier to entry down.

[06:54] When did you become a curious person?

Since young, I would be asking off-the-wall questions like “What is sand made of?” and try to understand my place in the world and how I will fit in this grand scheme of things. My curiosity was something encouraged and celebrated in my family. Even if my dad or mom does not have all the answers, they educated and guided me to be resourceful enough to find the answers independently. I was taught that it is okay to know things, but not when you do not do anything about it.

[10:23] How did you end up with your path?

I did not know anything at first. It all started with my photoshoot with my sister, who had leukemia, and it was my last photoshoot with her. I searched for the next thing I wanted to do until someone nudged me to go to social work. I did great in that endeavor until I realized it would not help me sustain my lifestyle. Then, someone told me again to go into sales. I did well in the corporate path, but I was unfulfilled.

[13:07] There are millions of us out there that have gotten to that point of “I can’t believe this is my life. This is what I am spending my entire life on.” Ultimately, I had to take a step back and ask myself, “Where do I see myself few years down the line in this corporate path?” I concluded that this is not for me.

[14:40] Since I value my self-expression and freedom, I want to share what I am going through with the world. Finally, it led me to be a full-time entrepreneur.

[20:24] Roadmap

I want to get everything that’s in my curriculum in my head and heart down on paper and create a roadmap for people that’s digestible and tangible. It’s all about finding out what you can do and reimagining what’s possible in every aspect of your life. I want to speak to many people and share this “Coachable Program” and support hundreds of thousands of students with the resources, training, skills, and tools to transform their lives and careers, inside and out.

[24:35] Commitments and Disappointments

We either commit to this version of ourselves or the next thing we want to achieve, but that commitment is attached to the outcome. If we don’t get the result we anticipated, we get disappointed, and that failure creates suffering in our lives. That’s why I tell people that you can commit to something but be unattached to the outcomes.

[27:47] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

He promised to send a messenger to the world to tell you that your best days are behind you, but they are ahead of you.


Key Quotes:

08:43 – 08:47 “Many people are walking around with a lot of knowledge, but they are not doing anything about it.”

23:40 – 23:44 “I am at where I am in this moment, and that is what I am grateful for.”

25:43 – 25:51 “You can go for it, and be committed to making things happen. But be unattached to the way it comes forward for you.”


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