In today’s episode, our guest is Tony Kovicak, founder of Lux therapy. Their product was wrapped around something more of a passion for health and wellness. They were able to find opportunities for growth within an area to create medical-grade light therapy that is a sleek, affordable, and really precise product that helps a ton of people. Tony’s going to unpack not only the product and its benefits, but also the human behind the scenes cause something like this doesn’t come to fruition from someone who’s not passionate about it.

[6:06] Why should we listen to you?

My path is a combination of athletics and self-reflection and family and a lot of different disciplines. I’ve had a lot of setbacks throughout my life, but I’ve always gotten better and I’ve continued to grow and find ways to enrich my life and not only my life, but the people around me, even in the most chaotic and wild times throughout my life, I’ve found ways to connect with people and through that passion and that wellness.

[6:47] How did that become a passion from a kid?

Not so much. I grew up the youngest of four within a Midwest family and had a pretty normal childhood. And I think throughout my life, I’ve continued to have goals and purposes that have brought this out of me in a few different ways. Thinking back on how this all came about to where I am today, I had continued down this path of continuing to have a stronger career.

[7:38] When I started listening to my intuition and starting to understand what was really fulfilling for me, it was when I connected with people, it was when I was able to share something that brought out, not just goodness in me, but helping people see things that within themselves that they didn’t really know were there.

[9:13] What was your life experience back then?

I grew up the youngest of four, grew up in an athletic family. We grew up in Midwest, Michigan, and our sport was wrestling. So I was the youngest of four wrestlers. My brothers were all wrestlers. My oldest brother when he was in his twenties and I was maybe 12 or 13, gave me the Anthony Robbins Awaken the giant within program 12. And he gives me this pretty serious motivational speaker set of tapes. So I started doing these programs and these tapes. At that age, I didn’t really have goals and financial aspirations. I was actually applying these for wrestling.

[11:05]  I grew up in a family where my father had worked at general motors, so there was always in the sphere of unemployment. So I had been instilled with getting a job and be happy that you have a job and stick with that job for the rest of your life. And if you have a job, you should be really blessed to keep that job. And if you leave that job, you must be crazy. So I had these ways of thinking about and how I was going through these stages of my life.

 [12:13] I realized that my happiness was actually not really in line with all of those successes that I had had through my career. And I decided that it was time to actually make some changes. I shifted gears at that point. I took a big risk.

[16:34] I had this real appetite for health and wellness. That feeling of just being outside and being connected to nature, I wanted to hold on to that. And it was during this time that I’m living in San Francisco, that I came across grade light therapy. And at this point, I was very into the science and the rear.

[17:54] I was living in San Francisco and my mom had a health and health scare that basically made me reassess where I was and why what I was doing and what was important. Parents are in the late seventies and it was one of those things I wanted to be around them as much as I could.

[18:56] Lessons learned and what are you expected to do in years to come?

Lux therapy is a medical-grade light therapy device company. We produce and design and make our own products and we sell them direct to consumers. There are certain ones that interact with our bodies. Two very specific bands of light that they found just in the last 30 years are really beneficial to recovery. And sleep in the skin and helping with all types of arthritis.

[19:49] When I started digging into this and understanding and testing it on my friends and family and myself, I saw the benefits in a way that not only enhanced and gave me purpose to bringing this to the masses, but it really helped me with just with my workouts and my recovery and my skin.

[21:12] This product helps level out and make up for this deficiency that we have.

[21:41] How does Lux therapy work?

 It’s a device that you basically have in your home. Most of the products that are in the market are not built to actually incorporate into your life. We built it to be flexible, have a comfortable handle that can be easily moved by the elderly population. It’s a small little device we’re going to have more in the future, but it allows you to have targeted treatments that you can use.

[22:59] What’s the difference between ultrasound?

 You have different waves. And within that full-spectrum, you have things like x-rays and gamma rays that you don’t see. But the things that we see are the invisible

[25:41] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

 God promises that I’m going to utilize all the tools under the sun to show people how to live a balanced well lived, happy, and healthy life.

 Key Quotes

 [11:56-12:05] “When you’re making logical decisions based on what you think or what people are telling you is a smart thing to do, that doesn’t really necessarily take into account your inner happiness.”

 [17:37-17:42] “Sometimes you’re not sure if this stuff is true, but you got to live it and you got to try and make sure it works.”

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