In today’s episode, our guest is Tony Chiapetta, Founder and CEO of AMC Solutions. From engineer to entrepreneur, he developed a 400-point process to systematically eliminate every IT problem faced by companies and build a modern IT system to make every employee more productive. His big focus is on upgrading Technology to upgrade people, and today, he breaks down how he helps businesses grow by addressing their technological problems.

[4:55] Why should we listen to you?

I’m gonna help you live your best life.

[5:14] What is living your best life? 

It’s focusing on my unique abilities and the things that I love doing. When you’re in that zone, and you’re doing what you love, you’re in the best place where you’re taking advantage of your gifts—time flies. You love what you do, you’re getting passion, you’re giving passion, and you’re getting it back. Your bucket doesn’t get empty in that zone, and you’re living your best life. 

[7:00]What is the common thing most people deem as success?

It has an impact that’s greater than oneself. That’s where I find my success. I’m drawn to others who look at bigger things than themselves, that value others tremendously. They know that they can live their best lives by helping other people, whether that’s me starting a company. I can only get so far by myself. I need to bring other people who will then take the vision and be a part of it and guide it forward. So they can be successful in their lives and careers and intertwine that with mine. 

[9:26] Once you figure out what your passion and start tying that to your purpose, it simplifies.

[10:20] How do we get to the point where this man one day goes, “I’m going to teach people how to be able to upgrade their lives

I was an engineer, and I started AMC Modern IT when I was 23. I went to schools, pre-med but that didn’t work out for me. It’s not my thing, not my passion. I ended up getting into business information systems because I love Technology, and it’s a good zone for me. 

[11:42] In 2014, I wrote it on my wall, “I’m going to stop doing what I’m doing, and start creating a business” because I just built this giant ball of chaos when there’s a problem with this reactive company, even though we’ve got tools. I was killing my people. They were in server rooms all weekend fixing some emergency here, some chaos there. I don’t know how to set up a new user for this customer. I’m getting yelled at, and it’s just a chaotic nightmare. I decided to go deep into business planning, structure, roles, responsibility, helping people define what success looks like for them, putting people in the right place, and defining what our passion and purpose are. That’s where we discovered we’re not in the business of Technology. We’re in the business of human productivity.

[13:26]How does somebody even start the process of finding out what they need and what they don’t need when it comes to choosing the right tech for what they do.

It’s counterintuitive to us engineers. It’s not a technology decision. It’s a business decision.

[16:37]Resistance or Apprehension

The beauty of my job is I never have to convince anybody. I educate them on their current experiences and what they could have. If they value their people, they’ll see the light bulb will go off. If they don’t, then it’s not a good fit for us.

[19:55]How do you foresee the future unfolding?

In my humble view, I see it continuing along the path we are. As you learn how to use Technology, it frees you up to live your best life and live more on your unique ability. 

[21:38] Technology will enable us if we choose to embrace it and get a little bit of training on it. We should stop doing the stuff we don’t like so that we can because we’re the ones that are responsible for creating new things through right and coming up with new disruptive tech, whether it’s technology ideas, methods of caring for each other, or saving that time in writing your mom a letter.

[25:46]What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That I’m going to have an impact on the masses to help them live a better life. 

Key Quotes

[8:51-9:06] “If you could slow down, stop doing all the day-to-day stuff, start, get out of the zone, get out of the swiping and checking your notifications, and just think about what you love to do help. Start by thinking about what you hate doing and cross that off the list.”

[17:38-17:45] “So it just starts with educating people on the world that they could have. If they have less stuff, we can show you how to do more.”


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