In today’s episode, we have Stu Massengill. He has accomplished more by the age of 20. He has an eight-figure business and beat cancer at 24. His whole mission is to change the statistics of 80% of people not loving what they do to the point where people fall in love with what they do. Today, Stu unpacks his story to help other people find their direction and mission in life

[7:18] Why should we listen to you?

I don’t think you would end up listening to me. I think I’m an innately curious person and you would end up telling me about your life. I’m going to get you to talk about yourself, and people love talking about themselves. So you’ll keep talking. I like to listen. I want to learn. I find people have amazing stories that I can unpack if I speak to them. 

 [8:36]  Lifetime story version

I grew up with a beautiful family, two great parents, a great older brother, and just went throughout life, being more of the shy and introverted kid throughout my life. I got into action sports. I would skateboard, snowboard and always had that “little entrepreneurship” in me.  When I started a neighborhood business, I was young by selling candy in high school. I started diving into entrepreneurship in San Diego when a network marketing company was introduced to me.

[9:49] I’m a big believer in following my heart and intuition and felt the calling to do something else. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in that process is I left not knowing what I was going to do.

[10:48] Now I work with Tony Robbins, and I’m the founder of Finding Direction because there’s always a story intertwined. I felt so much pain, feeling lost, and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and figured out that I’m not the only one there. 

[11:45]  How do you create that plan?

Figuring out if you’re in this place where maybe you’re not super excited about what you’re doing, or you’ve been pushing for this business, or you’ve been pushing in this career and feeling your internal guiding system going. I don’t know if this is what you’re supposed to do and if you’re at that place, I would say the most significant part is starting with what do you genuinely feel that liked your soul up? 

[12:32] I’ve noticed that it’s easier to get overwhelmed in today’s society than ever before. We got you to go on social media for five minutes, and five minutes later, you become envious of what your friends are doing—it’s the shiny object syndrome. These are distractions. Sometimes, we forget who we are at our core and get overwhelmed with the possibilities. 

[14:48] How do you approach an objection?

The biggest thing you can do is build your network. One of the most prominent beliefs I have is through effective communication and networking; you can open any door of opportunity. 

[18:19] When that fear pops up on those cold feet, you want to ask yourself innately why is this fear popping up? You’re not trying to thrive; you’re trying to survive. By pushing yourself to get into an opportunity and fear shows up, understand that it wants to protect you. Acknowledge it.

[19:30] Anytime that fear pops back into your mind, start looking at those new connections you’ve made and push yourself over the edge—you now have more reasons to do it than not.

[21:28] Remember you’re tasting these different areas of life. It is all part of the process of figuring out your life rather than someone. 

[26:07] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

My purpose is helping people find their direction. 

Key Quotes:

[15;09 – 15:15] “One of the biggest beliefs I have is through effective communication and networking, you can open any door of opportunity.” 

[19:30 – 19:41] “So anytime that fear pops back into your mind, you can start to look at those new connections you’ve made in your brain, and you can start to push yourself over the edge because now you have more reasons to than to not.”

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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