In today’s episode, our guest is Stevie Baggs Jr, a retired CFL player. He has written two books, Woke: A dictionary of the conscious mind and Greater than the Game. He’s a philanthropist and has a nonprofit organization. Stevie is also an actor and has been on Netflixs’ Cobra Kai. His main passion is helping people change the way they think.

[8:26] Why should we listen to you?

I wouldn’t say that you should listen to me. If there’s synergy, then we’ll be able to listen to one another because the more I know what I don’t know. It helps me to be open to receive more.

[9:46] A quick experience of how you even got there in the first place

I ended up being an all-state player in high school, broke the state set record. I thought I was going to a big school. Everything ended up going to an HBCU, mainly Bethune Cookman University. Going to Bethune changed my life because I got a chance to be around people outside of football that had an affinity and saw the light in me that I didn’t even see in myself.  And so I was thankful for that because I don’t think I would have gotten that if I would have gone to a PWI. And that’s what I think I needed for that will prepare me for the journey that I was, is about to go on being the only pro football player to play on 11 teams in 10 years.

[13:43] The “Greater than the Game” book was born from that experience. From it, I had to find out that my worth was more significant than the game of football.

[15:07] What was the change? 

I come from a great family of compassionate people. And I had seen my mother when I graduated high school, and she used to bring girls to the house when I was at the door and teach them women’s etiquette from this local orphanage.

[15:53] I was one of the more articulate guys on the team there. They started sending me up, and I fell in love with it. It was an affinity for using that platform. 

[17:02]  What was the driving force to you get into the place you’re at now?

When I got into the league, I thought I had to be a star player in the league to make an impact. But when I found out, it’s 2300 pro football players in the world in NFL, NCSL. There are more billionaires globally, and there are guys on an NFL, CFL roster in one year. Looking at it from that perspective, you are 1% no matter if you’re not the most prominent name guy in the league, you’re doing something that millions and millions of people will be impressed upon just by your presence. I don’t care if I’m on the practice squad; I’m still going to go out here and use this NFL shield to infiltrate, educate, liberate, and vacate. I wanted to educate and liberate myself and bring back information that will help change.

[19:07] If you could give the perfect person this book who’s at four and what would be the takeaways that have from it? 

Dictionary for the conscious mind is for a person whose consciousness is thirsty for information. Money and education alone are not power, but the information is. If you’re giving good information, you can demonstrate excellent power and vice versa.

[19:59] Let go of some of my traditions and open my hand to the truth. I’ll open my hand to righteousness.

[21:58] What I started to recognize that we lived three types of lives. We live our public life, our private life, and our secret life. And then our secret life is where we look within. The world’s essential things start with “I” – Intimacy, inspiration, insight, integrity.

[29:20] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

It’s just a matter of if you want, which one you want to choose. I go in design instead of by default that the energy that God put into this vessel; spirit, soul, and being are used to help others—to spread the light and truth.

Key Quotes:

[16:38-16:52] “At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about for me. Nobody will remember how many quarterbacks they have, how much money you made. They’ll remember you for how you impacted their consciousness, their spirit, their inner being. That’s the most important thing for me.”

[19:32-19:38] “If you’re giving good information, you can display good power. And if you’re giving bad information, you’ll display bad power.”

[25:04-25:09] “I can entertain the idea of what you got, and I can listen to it, but I’m not going to feel better if you don’t believe what I believe.”

Written by : Anthony Trucks

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