So imagine there’s this really small room in your house that’s always filled with garbage. You have a lot of your older stuff in there, clothes that you haven’t worn since 1985. your husband’s old books…a lot of things that you don’t need to have just been stuffed in that tiny little room. Every time you go past it in the hallway you say: “Oh, I’ll clean it when it’s springtime, I’ll do it for spring cleaning.” But…why not…now? People really have a way of convincing themselves that the garbage they have in their lives, physically or mentally, is not that dangerous for them to clean it up right away. They like to make themselves think that it’s not that important so there’s no rush. It’s not like that tiny room filled with garbage is going to go anywhere, so why do you have to clean it up right now? Right? Well, yes the room won’t go anywhere, but you might. Your opinion can change, your mindset can change, you can even change where you live. And you never know where or when you’ll have to carry that unwanted trash along with you. Clean it before life does it for you. And when life starts having it’s spring cleaning season, it doesn’t really care about what gets thrown out.

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks