In this episode we have Simon Lovell to help as get the best out of us and understand our potential drawn from his personal experiences in finding his peak. 

[8:12] Why should anybody listen to you? 

Results. I’ve been through so much pain and I have learned a lot and invested a lot of money because I wanted to be a better me. I create a more fulfilling happy life. 

[10:00] Growing up, it was not easy. I experienced a lot of trauma. I isolated my self and a young age I became an entrepreneur early on.  

[14:31] Having that meditation by yourself. 

Yes, it was easier for me, but I always crave for connection. I push people away because they don’t feel safe and I feel safe in front of a computer.  

[16:02] What helped you spiked out of that hole? 

My vision boards. I put in everything that I wanted. Every single day I looked into that board. Second step is mentorship. It is an energetic exchange of confidence.

[18:30] Where do we start?

You need to know what you want and to believe that it is possible. If we don’t believe it, we will not take action on it. Fear cannot grab you if you are in momentum.

[21:07] Getting out of the dark 

You need to go inward. You need to work on your intuition. If you are disconnected on that you will not know where you will go. 

[25:27] Finding the right mentor

I believe in the saying, if the student is ready, the mentor will appear. It is all about how you feel about that person. You must choose a mentor that you can trust. A good mentor is going to be honest with you.  

[29:21] What promise that God made when he made you? 

To be the best version of yourself. Come home to yourself. 


[14:35-14:37] “We need the confidence from somebody else that we can”

[20:00-21:24] “Fear cannot grab you if you are in momentum”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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