In today’s episode, our guest is Shea Hillenbrand, an ex-Major League Baseball player, 2x All-Star, and now a successful entrepreneur. But by all this, it takes no one moment to learn the real story of these elite athletes. He’s been through tough days in life, to the point that he had resigned at the beginning of his retirement.

[0:25] Why should I listen to you?

I’m transparent. I have the experience I have a heart of gold. There’s nothing more than I want to do to use my experiences and stuff I’ve accomplished in my life.

[4:17] How to succeed again in Life.

I needed to have everything stripped from me and discover who I truly am. I like to help people rewrite their story, rewrite who they are. I’m so grateful for that to go to make it through the other side and rebuild and recreate a new belief system. I’m nothing outside of what I do. I’m nothing. Outside of who I am. I’m that guy to work, and I needed to get back to who I am.

[6:18] Breath away from death

Shea went to church when he had nothing left in his life. Even the religion, even being a Christian like was putting a band-aid on that wound. I was fighting that pain-driven game of being a professional athlete. I didn’t know how to identify outside of that. Here lies a guy that’s so many envies on the floor of his van. I had no idea how to fight. I was scrounging up change out of the cupholder of my van to feed my kids Little Caesars pizza each time I had them. My kids are going to school to tell all their friends.

[8:12] I’m nothing if I don’t have baseball. And I was tired of fighting that pain-driven game. Shortly, the Lord brought his current wife into his life. She lifted him and helped him discover who he indeed was outside of baseball. You’re not who you think you are.  You have gifts inside you. You’ve been given a second chance to figure out who you are.

[10:54] His wife Kristen is the first person ever to believe in Shea unconditionally and to love me unconditionally.

[12:11] Great lessons and Messages.

I want to be able to teach people how to be world-class performance habits. I want to help the guys who are stuck in that space of being good. I was slated to be a Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player, like $100 million. Everything I went through after baseball is what I needed to go through.  I needed to understand how to function and find fulfillment, find peace in the process, and live and become the most total version of myself daily.

[16:47] Trusting Yourself.

I couldn’t trust anybody else when I played baseball when I was on top. And the only reason why is because I couldn’t trust myself. I couldn’t trust what I could do.

[17:50] He has to check himself for complacency. Being in a place of quietness is the biggest win I could ever achieve. There’s nothing real could offer me; I’m on that mission of service, understanding how to master and grow, you’re in charge of filling yourself up.

[18:35] Too many people now believe they are trapped. And on top of the universe, I was there. I found who I am, what happened to me. I’m still walking, trying to show people you can shift, breaking the bonds, the best version of me.

[22:19] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I’ve had a lot of challenges, struggles. And now I’m on my way back up to the top again. I’ve like God’s promised people that he’s coming. He’s coming, and he’s come full force to give you what I gave him to give me.


Key Quotes

[4:51 – 4:54] “People rewrite their story, rewrite who they are.”

[7:12 – 7:17] “Even the religion even being a Christian like was putting a bandaid on that wound.”

[16:52 – 16:54] “Our message is supposed to reach so many people’s hearts.”


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