In today’s episode, our guest is Sarah Fontenot, Founder of Disruptor Elite Group; A Multifaceted Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who believes we can do what we want and be who we want to be. She creates access for other entrepreneurs to develop the life and the business they love. Today, she will share with us how she helps people get out of their way. 

[8:43] Why should we listen to you?

Because I’m authentic, and I think in a world where Instagram and social media platforms have made it easy for people to say that they’ve done certain things. When I say the word success, it’s not the monetary value; it’s your physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual aspects of life. They are all in a space where you’re blessed and happy to be there, excited for the growth, but you’re genuinely satisfied with where you are currently.

[12:06] Was there an off-shift moment where you can look back on?

When I started multilevel marketing, I remember first and foremost; I want to let the people listen. And I’m sure they hear it from you all the time, that sometimes the people that love you the most support you the least. I think that inside of our journeys, what happens is these pivotal moments where things go wrong. Sometimes people are looking for that one reason why they shouldn’t support you instead of looking for that one reason why they can.

[17:26] Where did your eagerness to live life seeing your potential come from?

I think the biggest blessing I ever had was seeing resilience in my mom. I see my mom sobbing over her homework in the middle of the night, and I think back to in a few hours, you would have to have us ready to get up and go to school. I never knew as I always saw her as this impenetrable person who always showed up with poise, grace, and strength. I will keep moving forward because I’ve seen resilience to keep going even when it hurts.

[20:40] How have you taken these lessons into the process and help people?

I would say the number one thing that I start with is belief in confidence. I teach people how to believe by looking back, what was it that I did.

Belief breaks down into five super simple steps, repetitious thought, awareness, evaluation, action, and progress.

[26:54] What are you excited about in 2021?

I’m in a place in my life where I’m grateful for the lessons, tools, everything that I’ve learned in between—I’m in the space of freedom. For me, I’m inside of my heart’s work. This 2021, I’m starting to talk to the people that can push me in the right direction, and I’m excited to be all up in my heart word.

[30:01] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

My promise is to help people to help themselves get out of their way. And to know that we can be doing and have anything that we want to be doing. I genuinely believe that if we remember who we are, it’s a refreshing rebirth. My mission is to remind people that worthiness is a birthright. 

Key Quotes

[23:38 – 23:46] “When you progress in anything, you start to believe a little more, and you begin to test the boundaries a little bit more.”

[32:13 – 32:15]You’re worthy of what it is that you want to build with this business.”

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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