In this episode, our host Anthony Trucks talks with Ryan D. Lee. He is one of the Co-Founders of CashFlow Tactics, whose mission is to help others obtain the personal brand and the financial independence they need. He teaches a clearly defined and actionable system that gives you complete control over your finances and cash flow because we all want cash flows, and we want ways for money to come in that allows us to think past trying to get money. Today, Ryan unpacks the application of cash flows to our life.

[1:58] Business is about People

Business is about people. Revenue and products are secondary—people who make that shift and focus on the people rather than the bottom line. You’ve got a thriving business that you do not frequently have to rebuild because you’re cycling people in and out.

[5:15] Why should we listen to you?

We teach how you can be empowered by money and have a clear path to financial free in 10 years or less, regardless of your background. Traditional finance is all about crossing your fingers, hoping for one day and this elusive dream, this mystical idea of one day, you’re going to have enough money, and then you can retire.

Our goal is to have a tactical playbook to financial freedom and then reverse engineer action steps that have to be taken between where you’re at today to where you want to be in 10 years or less.

[6:26] How did you get the idea?

My parents were terrific, and they gave me everything I could have ever hoped. The education that they gave me is you work for everything you get, and for me, it was all about never going into debt and investing for the long run.

I never wanted to be traditional. I didn’t want to fall into the traditional route just because everyone else was doing it. That’s where I started to fall. I went to college, got a job, and put my money in a 401k. And just like most people, I didn’t feel like I had any control.

I went on a mission to figure out how the wealthy do it because there has to be something out there. Some people make money that keeps money and turns it into cash flow. And then the vast majority walk around with their fingers crossed, hoping that their 401k is going to perform. I started gravitating towards discovering principles, applying those principles and learning what worked and what didn’t, and building a formula system out of that.

[8:35] Achieving Financial Freedom

A lot of it is unlearning what we think we know about money. The biggest challenge is most people believe that money is just something that you give to someone else. Money is something that you put in some account, and one day, it’s all going to work out. How does someone achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less? If you don’t control what you’re investing in, can you ever predict the outcome? The answer is no. If you can’t control what you’re investing in, can you ever impact the outcome? I think that’s where most people find themselves is this idea that they’re just going to wait because they can’t affect and predict it. No one will ever care more about the success of your life or your financial plan overview. It’s going to require you to see the sign and rise. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own, but you need to be empowered.


[10:25] How can someone unlearn and entertain an idea without accepting that it has to be theirs but do something different?

We put out very divisive messages. When we say financial freedom in 10 years or less, the people looking for something more hear that message might not know what to do with it, but they listen to it. If you’re comfortable with where you’re at, then our message probably doesn’t apply to you. We tell people that 97% of traditional financial advice is dangerous, misleading, or outright wrong regarding financial freedom in 10 years or less.

We teach people how to do the exact opposite of what they’ve been trained, taught, and educated to do. When you can eliminate all the distractions and stay focused on a few principles that actually work and systematically repeat them, that’s where the shift starts to happen.

[12:27] The Principles

When people come into our world, there are three things that they need to be long-term successful: they need a goal. You have to understand that it’s not how much money you have. It’s how much time that money converts into. When we can appreciate the money that way, it gives us a scoreboard to measure them. That’s the goal.

Then you need a system. It’s not just how much money you make, but how much money do you keep how you can turn that money into cash flow. If you have a goal and a system, you’ve got the success principles that most people think that’s all they need. But what separates most people inside of our community from having the principles to be successful is they need a new identity. They need to see themselves being empowered with money. They need to see themselves being a producer. Your best investment is in yourself, in your mindset, your skillsets, and in your network because if you can learn the art and the science of making money, not just earning money, trading time for dollars, but making money, then that’s when the game starts to shift.

 [16:13] The Goal 

Our mission inside of what we do in CashFlow Tactics is to empower people with a game plan based on principles that universally work and have worked for hundreds of years. Those principles are tactically applied to you, your goals, and your resources. Now you have a game plan meant to focus your efforts, where you’re going, where you’re starting from, and then break everything down into 90-day targets.

The goal is to reduce your active income taxes as low as possible. Once you’ve done that, take the money you’ve already paid taxes on and then eliminate taxes forever. Not defer taxes, not wait for one day, but eradicate them permanently. And that’s what our program is really about doing. It’s using assets that eliminate taxes forever.

 [18:55] Valuing Time and Money

You have to understand how to make and keep the money because that represents your most valuable resource, which is your time. If you’re trading your time and don’t know what you’re trading it for, then what’s the point?

97% of what you think you know about money is wrong, and if you can get your arms around that, then learning that 3% is easy.

 [20:49] Controlling your stability in life

Build a foundation because that foundation is going to stabilize abundance in your life. You can then go out and start to make some moves, and you’re going to take a little bit of risk, but it’s calculated risk when you understand how the principles work. If you can take that calculated risk, build a system.

Financial freedom is about how much time you own. So much of what we do helps people build a system that produces consistent outcomes and delivers their time. That’s what it’s all about, and our goal isn’t to help people retire. Our goal is to help people be free.

Most people find fulfillment when they’re doing things that maximize their unique gifts, talents, skills, and abilities in the service of other people. A lot of the people in our community may be in more of a retirement mindset. Still, they’re living a Purpose Driven Life. That’s really what our mission is, which is to empower people with money and own their time to live a Purpose Driven Life.

Don’t ever invest outside of yourself. Build that certainty inside yourself and learn how to create and exchange value because dollars follow the value. If you’re stuck and living on a tight budget, you don’t know how to make enough value so invest in your mindset, skill sets, and network.

[25:59] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

To have the courage to seek out that God-given purpose and live according to that purpose and faith. It’s going to push me beyond my limits, and force me to have a God-sized dream.

Key Quotes:

[1:07-1:13] “When you can put a team around you and stay focused on your unique ability, that’s when the business starts to explode.”

[11:09-11:11] “Money is a tool, that’s all it is. It’s just a tool.”

[18:17-18:21] “If you’re not willing to rise and do a little bit of work, then you’ll never really be free.”

[23:10-23:12] “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.”

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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