In today’s episode, our guest is Rosice Batsuli, Founder, Lead DJ, and MC at Cease Fire Productions. He has been DJing since 2000 and brings his dynamic and engaging energy every time he gets in front of a crowd. He has a great wealth of DJ and MC experience and an extensive background as a mobile DJ, concert DJ, club DJ, and a former Radio Mixshow DJ at WJMH 102 JAMZ. Cease Fire Productions is the #1 DJ/MC Service for family-friendly entertainment. The company was born out of his desire to build a DJ Service that was focused on providing an awesome experience for private events while building meaningful and genuine relationships with his clients along the way.


[5:46]Why should we listen to you?

From so many angles, at the end of the day, I’ve been through so much.


[8:23] The Wallet

When you’re deep in that mindset, like you felt like all hope is gone, the sad thing is I had a son at the time, it can be kind of selfish, but you’re only thinking about yourself. You’re only thinking that things are not going to get any better. It’s really dark, and all the voices in your head are making your life seem very rational. 


At that time, I get out of the car. In my head, I’m thinking about what bottle of pills that I’m going for. I get to the store, and I pat my pockets to make sure I have any money, but I left my wallet at home. At that moment is when I said that there must be more to this than what I’m thinking, and it was just me leaving my wallet.


[10:56] How it came together and the journey.

Better is not like sunny skies, and everything is good. You have this revelation that everything is just awesome, and you realized the error of your ways. But it’s not like that.  It’s a day-by-day process of thinking that you have a purpose. It’s not as dark as you think it is. It’s taking it day by day.


I always think that things are not as bad as they are and that I have my son, my son. After the whole wallet incident, it was like a trigger reminder that my son needs me. That’s what made me hang in there.


[13:29]What was the catalyst moment?

I was riding back from the hospital. That night, we lost Joshua. My wife delivered him, and I remember my family coming into the room, and my dad was carrying him, and he started talking to him and almost could not receive the fact that this child has passed. And we had to kind of get my dad together.

[14:55] That whole day, our whole family was in the hospital room, everybody’s down. At this time, I ended up going home to get some fresh clothes. I’m driving back to the hospital, and I’m crying my eyes out. Then the song played. It was the most heavenly. I don’t know. I can’t describe the feeling in the car.

[15:41] I made a decision in the car that day. I said, “You know what, life is too short. Life is too short for me not to accomplish my dreams. Life is too short to take life for granted.”


[16:35] Rosice’s Mission

I told myself that my mission is to spread joy wherever I go, whatever I do, whatever endeavor I do. I’m going to spread joy to people because I’ve been to some dark places. It’s better to experience joy in life when life is short.


[12:20]What was it like letting your wife know what your heart and mind were looking to do?

I didn’t discuss it with her for a while. It took both of us some time. We both process that a little differently. I didn’t grow up in an affectionate household, and my wife really needed that affection, but I couldn’t give it to her. There was a transition period there with me trying to be something that wasn’t given to me and how hard that was.


We were starting a company, she was my first employee. She was always there, and she understands the talent that I have. She’s another one that understands when I say to spread joy. She’s right there with me. Whatever endeavor or whatever we wanted to do pertaining to that, she understands the heart of where that comes from.


[23:06]What are the budding years of you venturing into this business?

With everything being about joy, whoever I hired had to understand that. What I didn’t do a good job in those beginning years is sharing where that came from because what coined us here in Charlotte are the joy distributors. God gave us a bucket of joy, and we’re just distributing. We’re out eventually is distributing.

[27:09]Having a Good Time

My thing is that I like to see people having a good time because I know what it’s like to be in a dark place.


Key Quotes

[7:07-7:19] “Issues can really weigh you down depending on how severe. When you’re by yourself, you know how much that stuff weighs on you.”

[12:44-12:50] “Even men of faith, women of faith, people that love God, and regardless of your religion, you have questions.”

[13:04-13:12] “Even though you trust God, and that’s awesome to hear. But when you’re in the heat, when you’re in the jungle, it can be very difficult.”

[26:09-26:11] “You never know what’s going on with people in the room.”


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