In today’s episode, we have Rosice Batsuli again as our guest to continue sharing more of his story. You can look up episode number 257 to listen to his previous episode.

[3:27] The concept of the business and the aspect of the blended family

As for moving on later in the story, in the previous show, I explained how we lost a baby and how difficult it can be, and how we used that moment to use it as a mission to spread joy and the business we call ceasefire productions. Some of my darkest moments, specifically wanting to commit suicide and then losing a child years later, could have sent my wife and me down a very dark spiral. Instead, it motivated me to proclaim, “You know what, I’m going to use our DJ company to spread joy on a massive scale, and it’s going to be bigger than me.” It’s not just me, but DJing is spreading happiness. I want to bring in people and let them know that this is our mission.

[5:50] And the whole dark moments in the story is kind of like a tree with multiple branches. On the left side, it propelled me to the DJ company. The company never gave us a mission, a purpose to what we’re doing that’s bigger than just setting up speakers. Then on the right side, it also gave us sense in helping blended families.

[9:02] How do you push past those moments?

Not every chapter of my life was so pleasant. I’ve had regretful moments and not-so-cool moments. I know that in these specific moments, the path was clear.

[10:07] You must recall why you did it in the first place. And, because you’re not looking at the negatives, I believe that solidifies and creates a more concrete foundation. You must always return to the fundamental decision you made at the beginning.

[11:55] Do you think that doing that makes you more money? Is it just a business kind of concept?

When you come at it this way, it may not feel like that at first. But what you create is a blue ocean. You’re no longer looked at as “just a DJ”; you’re no longer looked at as just setting up the sound. It differentiates you from the other competition. 

[13:34] There are DJs everywhere and every price tear and everything. When you care about people, you will differentiate yourself beyond the equipment, beyond the “Okay.” We all have speakers, we all have flashy equipment, but what makes us different? I think when people know that you’re genuine and when people want a more purpose-driven. We’ve done more business because of this. 

[15:17] I can expressly state that it has helped our company increase revenue and differentiate itself significantly. And from the competition, as far as just being in that lump of DJ sound lighting, we’ll know whether DJ company cares about your memory in your life story. In essence, we’ve shifted our mindset from being a commodity to marketing joy.

[21:27] Once I figured out the story in my story, I thought, how do we take this and encourage someone? What is its purpose in my DJ company? I think it allows us to have an online platform called “blended on the rock,” which is everyday tips and resources on being in a blended family, specifically stepmoms. It explains how to navigate something and how to build a relationship, or when you’re dealing with friction from the other side or in-laws and stuff like that.

Key Quotes

[10:07-10:15] “You have to remember why you did it in the first place. And I think that even solidifies and creates a more of a concrete foundation.” 

[22:41-22:43] “The more we tell a story, the more we create a blue ocean for ourselves.”

[23:11-23:20] “Everybody else is another ocean. But the thing that creates the blue ocean is the things that you may not think matter, but it does.”

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