In today’s episode, our guest is Ron Worley, from homeless, addicted, and alone to a multi-millionaire. and the author of “Ditches to Riches: How to Survive Your F&%$ed-Up Life and Create a Kick-Ass Business. He reveals his chaotic past, personal reflections, pivotal decisions, and life lessons. He also shares how every man needs a woman to support him through happiness and pain.

[8:13] Why should I listen to you?

I’m pretty vulnerable, which I put myself out there right away to most people. Right off the bat, as you said, you see a big smile. And you’re going to have a good interaction with me, and I will be honest with you. And a lot of times, my wisdom is all I’ve got.

[9:21] Highlight and lowlight real moments

I was a drug addict; by the time I was a senior in high school, I was full-blown into every drug that you can imagine, and it destroyed my life. I let it ruin my football career in college, and I got kicked out of college a couple of times, which led me to my career path into bail bonds. I was successful, but I’m still a heavy drinker and womanizer and all-around wrong person because I lost my marriage and children. I got into cocaine badly in my later 20s, and that’s how I ended up homeless was too much cocaine. I couldn’t support the habit after I lost my job. 

[10:40] After a few years of beating with alcoholism and drug addiction, along the way, there are attempts in my life, and I ended up in suicide mentally. I did everything I could not be alive. And my whole path was to try and die. I was busy and what was I going to do? So I got out of that hospital, spent a couple more weeks drugging and partying. I woke up from that car accident in the hospital. And the right person told me to eff off. And that was my final bridge.

[12:16] And with the stipulation that I got sober. And so I did spring forward from there into sobriety. So I spent that first year just enjoying getting my kids back getting a job. And ultimately, they don’t remember anything from those days. And all three of them have grown up to be very successful young people.

[13:43] How much do you tell your kids of the past?

I waited for critical positions in their lives when they screwed up. To let them know that, you know, I’ve also done that. And here’s how bad I did it. Here’s how much worse it was for me. But you can see where I’m at today. So not a big deal. It’s a road bump, it’s a speed bump in the middle of your life, and it’s not the end of the world to be in trouble right now.

[17:32] How come people who have been stuck in a ditch for a long time are unable to climb out?

They don’t realize there’s an out, and there was a period. I know it’s challenging to get off rock bottom, but there’s a path to get out to on your way out for people who have never been in that low point of their life. I mean, everybody’s rock bottom is different. But when you’re in drug-induced alcoholism, intense, nobody will talk to you.

[18:57] Turning point to get out of this place.

When my mother’s told me to eff off, and I’m sitting in the hospital, I asked her for some help to get me out of the hospital and whatnot, and a place to go. And she said, no way, you can’t come back here. I was embarrassed that I had nobody. And the only way I could see to get my mom’s good graces back in my mind needed my family.

[21:26] The path journey from ditches to riches

I always tried with bail bonds; I always had spare time. It’s not. It’s not digging ditches for 40 hours, and it’s answering the phone. I’m pretty free to do other things. So, I quickly learned about systems, how to build systems in your company. And I learned how to hire professionals to do a good job. That way, I could continue to do my bail bonds because that one was the one that required me. 

[25:20] Cool wisdom about the book

After years into my sobriety, about eight years into it. I came up with ten values that suited my family and me, and all got behind them. We put a big poster on the wall that said, the worldly way. We put values into our business. And I was able to then talk to my employees about their hearts. But ultimately, I tell everybody, you should have your list of 10 values. That that was all born in the world away just, it works so well for me. 

[30:38] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

He promised that I would give light and comedy to every situation and be a rock for the people around me.

Key Quotes

[27:28-27:34] Should have your mantra you know something to beat your chest to and be proud of.


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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