In today’s episode, we invited Robb Kelly. He works with people going through, treating addiction problems to the actual root cause and not the symptoms. He’s gone to the ups and downs. Alcoholism crippled him and set him in a place where he was homeless in the streets of Manchester, England. At one point, Robb found the courage to save himself, and then after he saved himself, he’s had this commitment to protecting other people through many things he does as a CEO.

[4:48] Why should we listen to you?

Two things, the cool accent, and then catching me on my favorite topic, helping people. Everybody knows somebody who suffers from addiction.

[5:58] Addiction

It’s more on the brain science of the addiction, and I knew there was something wrong somewhere because I literally couldn’t stop drinking. Seeing a doctor who would send me to a 12-step room wasn’t good enough for me. So, I got a Ph.D. in psychology and a Ph.D. in behavioral science. It became fascinating to me, and then it became a challenge to me.

[8:10] What did you learn, and how did you figure the best way to apply it?

The first thing I didn’t know was alcoholics are born. They’re not made. So you can’t drink yourself into becoming an alcoholic. It’s impossible. Predisposition, trace it back in your family, and it will be there.

[9:09] Neuroplasticity is a way of changes like molding the brain to what I want it to be. So what happens is through the therapy that you get here, we have more self-care neural pathways, and you self-sabotage your paths.

[10:57] For people, they don’t think that they’re good enough. Secondly, I don’t even believe they can achieve that. You can achieve anything you want to do. This mindset is not just set for everybody. Everybody, in my opinion, is born with a million-dollar mind.

[12:17] Addicted Minds

They call me the Gordon Ramsay of addiction because I will curse at you in the office. And if you’re not pulling your weight, I will throw you out. You are going to do this deal, or you’re not. You’re in, or you’re out. That’s the deal with me. I don’t answer to nobody. If you don’t like it, you can leave. If you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you can leave, or we will fire you.

[14:03] Is everyone’s drawn to that, or a select kind of person can handle that?

We’ve had a few thousand women on board, and they’re direct. They want to get it done. We’re assessing bringing anybody on. We turned down many guys, or they’ve decided not to come because of my audacity. Sugarcoating this stuff kills people.

[15:25] Would you say that life for you seems easier now than it did back then?

That’s 100% the truth. Everything I’ve got, I’ve fought for. But then you learn how to fight mentally, psychologically, physically as you grow up around these tough people. When you develop the mind, you become an unstoppable force, and there’s nothing I can’t do. You’ve got to get serious about yourself and go back and do the work on yourself.

[19:21] Fostering connection

There are loads of methods for doing that. But you have to look at it. First, if your phone takes you away from your family or friends, there may be a problem. But there are safer addictions like going to the gym, eating healthfully, grooming yourself, especially the younger generation. I think that that works well, and they can connect with that.

[20:23] Is there a thin line between addiction and habits?

There’s a fine line. Alcoholism as a whole is the only self-diagnosed illness in the world.

[27:28] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

The promise he gave was for those who suffer Isaiah 61. I’m not a religious guy, but there’s a whole new story around that. Isaiah 61 is brought me into this world to heal the sick and give good news to their families. That’s what he did. He just took a few years to make me that sharp tool that I can go out, but that’s a walk in God’s grace. I’m a spiritual guy. I believe He directs me every second of the way, and his timing is impeccable.

Key Quotes

[9:49-9:51] “Don’t tell me you can’t do anything because you can.”

[11:08-11:13] “Everybody, in my opinion, is born with a million-dollar mind.”

[11:17-11:19] “ Show me your friends, I’ll show you a future.”

[17:07-17:09] “You need to hear stuff from other people to encourage.”

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