In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast, our guest is Ray Higdon. He is the Founder & CEO of Higdon Group, one of the Inc. 5000’s fasters growing companies, speaker, and book author. Being in the Inc. 5000 doesn’t mean his fancy in business. He had experienced a lot in his life from relationships, business, and even finances, but it did not stop Ray from his dream to stand at the zenith. Today, Ray shares his thoughts and advice on understanding your identity and how he helps entrepreneurs find theirs as well.

[05:52] Why should we listen to you?

If you want to improve your finances and relationships, then you should listen.

[07:16] How did you become who you are now?

I worked my way up in the corporate world with a decent salary. I realized that the harder I work, the more they would pay, but their demands go up as well. Because of that, I have no time for my family, and I’m stuck. I wanted freedom, and it’s impossible in that career.

[08:21] In 2004, my friend and I started studying real estate. I left my job to do real estate full time. It was great until it wasn’t when the economy crashed. My life was in shambles. I had a foreclosure, debt, divorce, and no idea what to do next until I went to a network marketing company.

[09:14] With nothing else to do, I went to figure it out. Now, I am the number one income earner of that company where we work with the top companies and leaders.

[15:23] How do you help people grow and discover their identities?

My different experiences in life helped me understand that I can be whatever it is that I choose to be. With all my experiences in life, I realized that I did not invest enough in myself. The key thing about identity is to change and challenge it constantly. If I am afraid of something and trained myself to be fearful of something, then I have to face it. Otherwise, it will grow on me.

[22:05] How does identity hold people back?

Many people ask me about “consistency.” People who struggle with it seek more information – journals, blueprints, checklists, scripts, etc. – but it’s not what they need. What they need revolves around emotion, and when I transform someone, I need to figure out their pattern because that will reveal what their identity is.

[26:09] Inconsistency means an incorrect conclusion with success. People understand that if you are consistent at anything, you will be successful. Otherwise, you have drawn the wrong conclusion to success.

[32:33] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

That I will make an impact on people, that’s what drives me. I love making an impact on others, and I am relentless to do it as long as blood flows through my veins.



[10:39 – 10:43] “I avoid mirrors and don’t even want to look at them because I am disappointed with myself.”

[12:10 – 12:21] “I believe that when you clear up your past grievances, resentment, anger, shame, etc., it opens up a new world for you.”

[18:32-18:38] “If you want to accomplish something, you manifest it and see the version you want as if it already happened.”


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