Today we have Quentin Williams here with us, shifting our mindsets to the right track. Let’s listen as he shares his experiences and his world-class method of leading and being successful.


[7:10] Why should anybody listen to you?

I got something to say. That is my identity. I have opinions, stories, and mission out there. 


[11:39] Importance of Mentality and Mindset. 

The mental side of things is more powerful than the physical side. What drives you comes from your mentality and attitude. 


[13:55] Aww Shift Moment

I was given the opportunity to either sit back and let someone else take the reins, or can I lead and bring other leaders with me and bring everyone together. It is then I realized I was born for this. 


[17:10] How could you say that your mentality is showing up for you?

It was my willingness to look silly. Putting yourself out in the line and keeping yourself vulnerable.


[18:19] World Class Method 

My work class method has four steps. It’s so when I take my clients through my journey. We start with Identity. I use my emotional intelligence and emotional awareness to dive into two big things: habits, boundaries, and relationships. It’s vision or identity, combined with habits, boundaries, and relationships.


[24:36] Starting the Process.

We have the ROC method, R stands for relax, O stands for open up. C stands for Connect. Take it slow, and you will get everything right. 


[26:23] What God’s promise to the world when he created you? 

That I would see value in every single person.



[8:27-8:35] “Our mind and our attitude are 99% of the game.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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