In today’s episode, our guests is Paul Nuttal, founder of seconds chance saves lives. And today, he will share with us about how he have second chance after imprisonment. 

 [4:19] Why should we listen to you?

You should listen to me because I have a story that might understand something you might be going through that you don’t realize the person next to you is going through the same thing. Your story will make you reflect a while I’m thinking about this and when this guy’s through is worse than mine on being positive instead of being negative.

[5:07] Lesson Learned in Life

I was a shy elite instructor, I was a three-time world kickboxing champion. I was signed with Don King, and I helped Chris Brid train and I was his personal and his only sparring partner when he beat David tool and about a holy feel like one of the best. I was Selena Gomez security when I was security personnel people. Days got real rocky when I was falsely accused of a crime I didn’t commit.


I spent 14 months in jail. Incarcerated in prison, they wouldn’t let me released because I was a flatness risk. The board dropped me. I was homeless. I got back on my feet. And then I went back to prison for child support because I couldn’t pay child support for six months. That was it. And with that, I went to Michigan. My family’s only my brothers went to prison. They’ve been they spent 13 years in jail and they told my mom some about maybe Paul has something to do with it.


Whatever the case, it was just a lie. There are some things.”. I want to do forgotten prisoners in prison. It’s about remembering what we tried to get Michael = Harris out of prison was on a daily mail World News. All over the world. So I got a showdown called forgotten prisoners. A lot of people that’s in prison that’s been wrongly incarcerated. And because there’s a lot of mayors and we put them on a show like that.

[10:45] Changed in Life

Second Chance is all about people who come with a second chance and how we can highlight them and broadcast to them all from broadcasting worldwide. We had Don Lupo from football-wise this episodes, we have this Jr. Come and do some episodes, you know, as a whole. And then we will have a social call Second Chance rewind, where people want to know about the people we say what’s on the show what happened to them that they get the live change that the things happened once they got the live coverage.

[15:57] Get up from problems

I got on my knees and prayed to God. That’s the first thing. The second thing I did. Because guarding them put you nothing, you know, putting into your life that you can’t handle through, he says of his mother and father. Everybody going to die, we heal or to die. We just live as long as we can.


I want to be remembered as saying, Listen, I help save these lives and people that are going through the same thing I’ve been through or, if it’s the same, like insane progress. If you keep going back in time, every time you think about your mom or things that happen in your life, you want something that you shouldn’t, because now you feel sorrow again. 


I just got to keep moving forward with time. Life happens to people, but you can’t blame it on life. You look into the responsibility is yours. It’s how you do while Chris got back on his feet, and now he’s even fighting wants to hold your horses on the car.

[22:50] Always Fight

You fall seven times, Paul got up eight. You can’t fight, you keep fighting you just like a champ. Even though you bleeding. Get on up. You know, a lot of things that happened in my life because of this. And it tells people that you didn’t give up and liquid. And they should be doing the same thing that gives them hope.

[23:40] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

God already knew what was gonna happen when he created me. forgiven me for the sins that I have done. He and I thought that I would be a successful boxer.

Key Quotes

[16:37-16:43] “do what you got to do. You know, you’re struggling with you know how to make it happen.”

[22:50-22:56]You can fight, you keep fighting you just like a champ. Even though you bleeding Get on up.”


Written by : Anthony Trucks

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