In this episode, we have Paul and Kelsey Tompkins, the founders of Flippin Experts Academy. This power couple believes that success comes from continuously learning, applying, and thriving. They have created the most comprehensive real estate investors course, Flippin It Right, with all of training, tools and knowledge needed to become a successful and profitable real estate expert. Today, they are going to share with us some tips if you are thinking to start flipping houses, the importance of shifting mindsets, their inspiring journey to real estate, and the training they offer on their website.

[07:18] Why should we listen to you?

I don’t think anybody should or have to listen to us. I think the way we always look at it is, who do we look up to, who do we listen to, and that’s who we want to become for other people.

[07:45] What we’ve tried to do is create a platform for people underneath of us, same level as us, maybe even their higher than us, but they can still learn from us. So I think we’re all in the space to learn faster.

[13:37] How did you get into real estate?

A lot of it I had done before I met Kelsey. I’d already done real estate deals used hard money. I was familiar with that. I had some connections still in Jacksonville. And I ended up reaching out to one of my old business partners.

[14:07] Really amazing thing about real estate, you don’t have to necessarily have your own money, because for a prime example of nothing, we didn’t have a huge savings account, yet we were able to make it work through different lenders and partnerships.

[14:41] Money and Mindset

Two people’s biggest problems are money and their mindset. They don’t know if they can do it. They won’t go all in they don’t have confidence in themselves. And the second one is more of an excuse. “You know what, I just don’t have the money”

[15:37] A lot of people are just afraid to ask. Friends and family is a great way. We have a company called Flippin Experts Academy. That’s exactly what we do. We teach people how to get over all those hurdles.

15:06 Hard Money Lenders

These are money lenders that they want to lend money on properties.

17:25 Why do you want to share you secret of success to others?

We’re not in the flipping houses to make $10 million. I know guys flipping 500 houses a year. Our biggest goal was flip houses. It’s fast income. Every three months, you’re turning over whatever it is half a million dollars, a million, it doesn’t matter. But if I can turn that four times in a year, our goal was flip it four times, take some of that quick money and turn it into a rental portfolio

[18:08] I am the kind who flips then cash in my pocket. I take that and I go buy a property free and clear. Like the bank can never take it away. Knowing COVID can shut down, nobody pays me rent, it doesn’t matter. I own it free and clear, like so that that was our plan. And then our company just kept growing.

[19:02] We’re sharing our secrets because we’ve learned for life, we’re better together. If we go and flip four houses, that’s awesome. But if we go and we partner with other people, and we flip 30 houses together, and we’re not only helping our lives, but we’re affecting their lives and your incomes, that’s really what it’s all about.

[22:36] How do some get started on real estate?

Just taking the first step. We literally give our courses away. Our whole membership for $1 for the first seven days, and we just want them to sit there. And they have seven days and then go through seven full trainings with us.

[23:36] What we try to do is we’re trying to take away all those barriers. The barrier of fear and not knowing the fear of.

[29:12] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

His promise for me was that I’d share the good news. And you can take that in all kinds of different directions. But we have seen so many miracles, and we’ve learned so much. And that’s not something that we’re meant to keep for ourselves. So it’s something I wanted to share with the world. And I hope that that is the promise that he’s made and something that I will keep up to.

[29:51]God would have promised the world that this power couple is going to come in and make people’s lives better.

Key Quotes:

[23:17-23:19] “You’re never gonna know if it’s right or wrong, unless you take it.”

[24:11-24:14] “The more you learn, the better off you are. But then also just knowing you don’t have to go it alone.”

[30:38-30:42] “God will elevate you, and give you the things that you need. So you can bless other people.”

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