In this episode, our guest is Parker Kane, an American Beatboxer, Musician, Speaker, and Host. Turning his dream into his career, Parker overcame the struggles he encountered in the industry. Addressing haters, family and peer pressure, and being torn by his life choices, Parker shares with us how he managed to leverage these issues and turn them into something inspirational – changing other people’s lives.


[06:00] Why should we listen to you?

I pursue transparency and honesty. I am an open book and whatever topic we will talk about, expect it to be answered by the truth.


[06:42] Becoming a Beatboxer

I dreamt of being able to beatbox in front of thousands of people having millions of subscribers when I was young. A video of mine went viral five years ago and it got a billion views on Facebook. It was the turning point in my life where I stopped studying nursing.

[8:31] My family and friends told me that beatboxing is just a hobby. It made me fear committing to it fully. I was suffocated because I wanted to be a beatboxer. The video being viral, made me learn a lot of things in life.


[11:06] Navigating negativities

You need to be thoroughly clean of your identity and what you wanted to pursue. That clarity will make any negativity irrelevant. 


[17:00] Career and Future

I am in a difficult situation like everyone else. I am learning new things and I regret not building my network early on. I am learning as much as anyone else and trying to tie all of these things together.

[21:57] I am hoping to monetize my podcast, have a large audience, and speak with an amazing guest in the future.


[23:25] What promise did God make to the world, when He created you?

There would be a sincere person who has good intentions to help other people.


Key Quotes:

[08:22 – 08:28] “My entire life was treading on two different roads.”

[10:22 – 10:29] “Success comes with haters and mean comments to overcome.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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