In today’s episode, our guest is Pam Christian, a motivational speaker, mindset coach, and host of The Juice podcast, where she features in-depth conversations with thought leaders across a range of industries. Pam’s work encompasses helping her clients transform their lives by eliminating self-created barriers, maximizing their full potential, and dramatically increasing their effectiveness on both personal and professional levels. She built a successful career in real estate, where she was ranked among 100 Most Influential Realtors in New Jersey and earned the most prestigious awards in the industry. Today, she will share some tips and valuable insights that can help expand your mind and strengthen your mindset.


[6:33] What is a common hiccup that a lot of people are experiencing and have no idea that it’s really a detriment to them?

It all starts with our restricting assumptions about ourselves. Years of programming have spoken those restricting values into our subconscious. We don’t even hear them. We hear the words that come out of our mouths. That’s a manifestation of all of those thoughts that are culminating in our subconscious.


[8:39] How do you get people to find that consciousness to elevate how they see themselves?

I hold space as one of my methods. Allowing people to speak by standing by their side and holding their hands helps them learn about themselves.


Another thing is people are afraid of what they do not know. Their life may not be great, but they know it. They know what to expect. They know when to count and what is coming. They do not know what to do when they get thrown off track and deal with it. Therefore, they hide inside the comfort zone.


The third thing is that everyone is on a different journey, and we are all in other places. 


I like to recognize each person as creative, resourceful, and whole in and of themselves. I evoke the transformation within themselves rather than me solving the problem for them or telling them what to do or what not to do because at some point, they’re leaving me, and they’re going to go on their own, and they’re not going to have the tools themselves. 


[10:52] What do you say to people who think that their mindset is good?

When you say something, check it and correct it. Make sure it’s in alignment with who you are.


[12:18] What’s your story of why you became a mindset coach?

It was the result of a lot of suffering, struggles, hardship, agony, intense sorrow, and reaching deep into myself and thinking, “I don’t want to live like this.”


You have your regular thing where life hits you down over and over again. But if your foundation isn’t solid from the beginning, it’s hard to step up. I decided that at a certain point, I was going to make that foundation more solid.


My purpose became clear to me: I wanted to help heal society by empowering and encouraging people to live their better lives, whatever that meant for them. It’s not my ideal life, so it’s their ideal life.


[16:36] What is the thing that I do to at least figure out what smudges are on my “lens”?

Call the coach or call a friend for sure. Know what you like and enjoy. 


[25:08] What’s the outcome of working with you?

The coaching programs are all different there. I do one on ones, group coaching, masterclasses, webinars, and stuff like that.


I want it to be sustainable. I want people to leave me and take it with them for themselves and change their lives. That’s what it’s about, but it’s also about tapping into that light.


[26:19] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I would step into my power and shine my gift.


Key Quotes:

[13:31-13:34] “There’s no destination. It’s all in the journey.”

[14:12-14:21] “Whatever lifestyle you want to live, don’t complain about not having it because it’s all within reach. We have to choose to go for it and stay the course and not give up before it happens.” 

[16:02-16:06] “Clean your lenses and keep cleaning them until you find the lens that serves you.”

[19:31-19:43] “When you start nurturing yourself, you’re going to feel good, and you’re going to be taken care of yourself, and your mindset is naturally going to shift.”

 [20:55-20:59] “Take it at your pace. It’s a journey. It’s not a destination.”

[21:56-21:01] “If you tell yourself what you’re not all the time, you’re mirroring the story you used to tell yourself.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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