In today’s episode, our guests are Niki Shadrow and John David Snyder, Los Angeles entrepreneurs and the creators of Project Pop Drop, which sells private-label ink and toner cartridges. Over several years, they have partnered with their customers, local schools, and other businesses to spread Project Pop Drop across Southern California, Florida, and other states. Today, they will talk about the art of giving back to society and being a “Givefluencer.”


[6:25] Why should we listen to you?

We have about ten years of experience in dealing with the issues of homelessness. We started in Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles, the center of homelessness in America. We’ve empowered thousands of people, and we’ve got students on board with the LA Unified School District doing donation drives with us. We’re bringing businesses with us to make them step up to the giving plate as we have.


[9:13] Start-up of Company

When David and I met, we talked about pitching my customers in the office and that I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. And that I’m evolving in a business that has not evolved in any way. Self-improvement is a huge business is an essential household product that everybody needs, and I’m doing something different.

[12:10] I’m proud to say it’s been over a decade of giving back together and not only as a cop on a married couple but as parents too. At the beginning of this podcast, so far, you feel like you’re looking at twins. It’s not about bragging and saying how great you are for what you’re doing. It’s about getting people empowered and excited to come along with you to do the work. And without a little shameless self-promotion, you won’t get or build a movement.


[15:43] The Givefluencers

Somebody needs to step up and do something about what’s going on right now. We created the word “givefluencer” and a community for “givefluencers” called, The “Givefluencer Network.” A “givefluencer” influences the world by giving back to society to truly function better. I saw how things have transitioned from actual celebrities, tastemakers, and amazing talent to anybody in anything, just becoming famous overnight on social media. Being a great storyteller still matters.

[17:51] We are influencing thousands of people a year to get back. We’re influencing people to do the way we set up our business and our program. What gives you answers are their people who understand that that’s how we will make it. It’s called giving and influencing simultaneously, which is what the world needs right now.


[21:41] Art of Influencing

A good flow answer is obtainable and generalized enough that anybody is capable and could be a good influencer. So we like the word “influencer” just because it doesn’t limit anyone to do the work. Our social responsibility system within our company is that we are giving back on the last Saturday of every month. And that’s what we call Pop Drop events. It could just be walking around and putting out good energy, but choose that one day a month with the social responsibility system to be a good influencer.


 [25:43] How to reach out

We’re slowly but surely building our Instagram, And we have a book coming out, which we’re excited about. Though it’s not yet ready to promote, I’m just giving it a shout-out because we’re excited about it soon. We’ll also have a course to help empower people to do this.


[27:30] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

We’re going to pair these two up to change the world and change the way people do business and create difference or marketing at the very right time in life and the world upside down a little bit.

[27:50] What God wants for all of us is to learn it, live it, and give it. Learn what you can, live what you can, and give what you can.


Key Quotes

[16:02-16:08] “For society to truly function better, we need to start taking care of each other much better.”

[18:12-18:32]Giving and influencing at the same time, which is what the world needs right now. We need to influence each other by what we can give back to one another.”


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