In this episode, our guest is Nicky Billou, a champion for fathers and children towards family sustainability. He devoted his attention to helping and preventing families from falling apart. Over 60 families have been saved from divorce thanks to his efforts. Nicky is a motivational speaker and the author of the best-selling books “Finish Line Thinking: How to Think and Win Like a Champion” and “The Thought Leader’s Journey: A Fable of Life.” He’s also the co-founder of eCircle Academy, a year-long mastermind and training program for coaches, consultants, corporate trainers, clinic operators, realtors, mortgage brokers, and other service-based business owners. 

[3:58] Why should we listen to you?

If I got something that catches your interest, you should listen to me. And if I don’t, you shouldn’t. It’s that simple.

[4:29] What excites you?

I believe in freedom, free expression, and free enterprise. We’re living at a time where many bad things happen. In my country, the federal government and the provincial government are introducing vaccine passports. You have to show an internal passport if you want to get into a movie theater, gym, or indoor space. 

[5:28] I want to preserve freedom. I want to protect free enterprise and maintain freedom of expression. All those things are crucial.

[6:27] If there is no freedom, we can’t live a life that we want to live, we can’t do what we want, we can’t say what we want, we can’t create what we want for ourselves. It’s super important that those of us that believe in freedom bond together and take a stand.

[9:14] The Great Patriot and Protest Boycott Book

The book was written to help those who believe in freedom to stand up and say, “Look, it’s all good that you have your views. But we have the right to have our views.”

[13:26] How do people genuinely stand up?

Look at some of those companies and see if you’re doing business with them. Find out a bit more about their stances. If they sense weakness, they’re going to come at you.

[19:48] What is the book about?

The book is written for every man and woman who believes in freedom, is a patriot, and wants the promise of America to be real for future generations. The book was written to tell the big corporations that we’re giving in to a “woke ideology” because they’re scared.

[21:49] People need to understand what’s happening out there. Take your dollars away from corporations and organizations that don’t share your values. And give your dollars to corporations and organizations that do. 

[22:05] The next book we’re going to write is The Great American Patriotic American Icons. These are the companies that we think you should be buying from. These are the companies that share your values. My company believes in freedom, free expression, free enterprise, freedom of choice. If you believe in those things, and you’re looking for the kinds of services we offer, then consider doing business with us.

[25:51] If you’re smart, you’re going to do business with people that share your values. And likewise, you’re going to not do business with people who don’t share your values.


Key Quotes:

[14:56-14:58] “If they sense weakness, they’re going to come at you.”

[19:27-19:34] “We need to give people the right to choose. When you don’t give people the right to choose, that’s a problem.”

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