In today’s episode, our guest is Mike Duffy, CEO of Happiness Wealth Management in San Carlos, California. Mike is a philanthropist who wrote five books on happiness: The Great Luck: A Positive Guide to Happiness! The Happiness Hall of Fame Homeless Outreach, which provides desperate income, food, spiritual advice, and hope, was also founded by Mike. Mike began to appreciate, inspire, and honor those who made others happier. The Hall of Happiness of Fame. 


[6:02] Why should I listen to you?

I talk to strangers almost every day, and I have a homeless outreach. My experience led me to start speaking to strangers on the street, getting to know them, and becoming friends. That moment shifted my destiny, and it’s a given that we received the gift of my time.


[8:49] Happiest people have past tragedy.

I was born happy, born grateful love to be around people and have fun. At the age of 17, I lost my mom. Now I was gifted with one of the most amazing mothers ever. But within three months, she had died of cancer. And I was left in a state of depression for years there. You will find that most people that are the happiest today have tragedy, or trauma someplace in their past.


[11:26] People’s concepts in ability to have money.

I took a course at Stanford on failure. I learned that failure is a real ingredient in success.  Think of Edison; think of Colonel Sanders, who 1000 times was turned down with his great scheme of walking into restaurants and saying, here’s my fried chicken restaurant recipe. And then finally, after 1000 times, somebody said, Yes, and it grew from there.


[14:29] Practicing Gratitude.

The older you get, the more you understand the people you love start to pass away. A great exercise is to at night before you go to sleep, just run through all the good things in your life. The other thing is to meditate. And it just relaxes your body. When you relax your body and push the fear out, you’re set to start your day; it’s impossible to get to the point where you have no thoughts.

[19:05] Thoughts in our mind.

Our brains are constantly being bombarded with fear and stress and anxiety. I push them to the side and focus on what’s good. I imagined myself because I used to study martial arts as those commands in slow motion.


[21:20] Spreading happiness to people.

I’m actually gaining physical places to go to speak, I love meeting people. I love making people laugh. Life is beautiful, that life is worth living.


[23:20] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I love making people laugh. I love to go out and meet people and tell them that they can do what I can do. The world needs to laugh.


Key Quotes

[8:49 – 8:57] You will find that most people that are the happiest today have tragedy, some, or trauma someplace. 

[12:53 – 12:55] Change your thoughts, change your life.

[16:06 – 16:11] When you relax your body and you push the fear out, then you’re set to start your day.


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