In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast, Anthony Trucks himself will be interviewed by Mikey C-Roc. Anthony had a plethora of dark pasts that allowed him to achieve the success he had today. Mikey explores Anthony’s life, how he maintained his stubbornness until now, and what Rocket Fuel means to Anthony.

[02:27] What are you made of?

I am made of all the craziness of the world, love, joy, and happiness. But I also have a hidden little switch necessary to protect my family. I am a man made of aspiration and no matter what it is the core of me. I am made to see the things other people do not—and it is what afforded me a life that is different from what most people have.

[03:39] Upbringing

My first memories of life was me and my siblings being given away into a heinous foster care system where I was a paycheck to sustain my mother. I was shut off from the world and unhappy until I land in a poor all-white family growing up from 6 to 14, not knowing where do I stand and who I am. At 14 years old, I stepped in front of a judge to sever parental rights for my biological mother and got officially adopted into the family.

[04:44] Playing football was the first time it made me feel that I mattered. But I suck at it and I was trash during my first year. However, I went through the journey of figuring out who I was, how to get better at the game, and gain self-confidence. I dug in myself and built this different breed of the human inside of me.

[06:45] Sports shake me. It has always been unique respect for the game because it is a microcosm of the world we live in. I can tell non-athletes from the way their conversations and how their heads operate. There are some things that they don’t know how to deal with and shut down immediately, which you always get a lot from playing sports.

[09:10] Stubbornness

When you have given so much as human beings, we have this investment bias. If I want a return of stubbornness and confidence, you have to invest money, time, energy, soul, pride and give it all up to become a stubborn human for your dreams. You will never get it until you get it.


[10:20] When you have that stubbornness, everything becomes possible. We have an epidemic of “shelf-esteem” where everyone buys things they feel good about then puts them on the shelf. You don’t do anything with it. If you just took what you already know, and found a way to get into a rhythm to apply it, you will be above and beyond whatever goal you already got.

[12:55] Where did he get his stubbornness?

I have been through a lot. Dealing with my biological mother and an atrocious foster care where I don’t want any of these anymore.

[13:56] The stubbornness came from a realization of what you have behind, which is nothing you want. And what you have ahead is everything that you do. I am not going backward; I will stand here and would eventually move a little bit forward.

[18:39] Football Life

The team that would not stop calling me was Oregon. Nick Aliotti keeps messaging me to check out Oregon until eventually, I decided to visit. If I am satisfied, I will go with them, otherwise, I would go for Washington State. In the end, I fell in love with it.

[19:30] I ended up not committing from Washington State then committing to Oregon. If I wanted some championship, USC would be the best choice but my life worked out better in Oregon.

[25:12] Mission

My mission in life is to make shifts happen for people. We have the need and desire in life to be happy and excited. People get into trouble because if you don’t get excited about what you do daily, you seek it outside. What if you can make something happen in your life that honors it and create something great?

[26:04] To help people get there, it would not be just by me teaching you things all day. I teach people how to install success for them and find the rhythm that allows them to make audibles in life.


[26:55] It is not that they do not know what to do, they don’t know how to get to the point of doing the thing. I will give them a system to get into that flow to make hard things done easily. From 2021 to 2031 and beyond, I teach people how to make shift happen.

Key Quotes:

[06:01 – 06:11] “Little by little, my true identity as a football player is something I earned in the dark and shine it to the light.”

[08:42 – 08:46] “You can be stubborn in a direction you belong or identify with.”

[10:49 – 10:53] “It is not what you know, it is who you are with what you know—that’s the game-changer.”

[15:38 – 15:44] “I look my life now to build stubbornness through the steps, little by little.”

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