In today’s episode, our guest is Michael Monroe Goodman, a songwriter and recording artist in the country music genre based in Los Angeles. Michael, who was born and raised in Kentucky, epitomizes authenticity when it comes to sharing true tales of country life. His tunes, with their spicy guitar licks and catchy melodies, would leave listeners craving more of his honky-tonk vibe. And today, he is going to share with us all about success, facing obstacles, and perseverance in life.

[2:59] Why should we listen to you?

I’d describe myself as someone who finds the truth. That’s how I’ve always been. Even as a kid, I was always on the lookout for truth and wisdom and I make it clear. Maybe that’s why I like good country music so much; it’s just about the truth. It is about finding the reality in the universe and one’s own life.

[3:53] What distinguishes country music is its honesty or truthfulness. And there’s an explanation why people identify with songs like that: people crave the fact.

[4:58] I conclude that the true purpose of existence is to discover the facts. If not, what are you looking for?

[6:00] The Reality

There’s no doubt that when you discovered God, you found the truth. When you find out the facts, you have a sense of connection to the Creator, the world, and everything surrounding you. Many individuals become suicidal, commit suicide, and commit other heinous acts because they do not feel close to the Creator; they do not feel connected to the world.

[7:03] When you think that you are an outcast of the world, that you do not belong, you will feel alone. But once you know the facts, you realize you’re a part of something far more significant. And that something far bigger is our life, which is a divine blessing to us.

[8:32] Mistakes

The goodness of God is divine. We’re the only ones who make mistakes. That’s because we’re all human. Pursuing perfection is futile because humans are inherently imperfect. Do the best, don’t settle for mediocrity, and do whatever you can to forgive yourself. It would be best if you forgave yourself daily. Some people cannot forgive themselves, and they punish themselves for errors they have committed their whole life. Allow yourself to let go and believe God, and all your worries will wash away like a stream. 

[7:26] For years I’ve kept thinking that something was missing and in 2005, I figured it out and it was our core values. Nobody ever taught me anything about core values, or how to even discover your core values. I had to come up with questions. And I had to dig deep inside of me to figure it out. I kept asking myself questions and one day said to myself that I think I’m ready to discover who I am. I made a list of words that describe my passion for the things that get me fired up. I circled 6 words that I wrote and decided that this is who I am. And that was the start of us, for me to put some words to those six core values, and then we shut down the company for a whole half a day to introduce those core values to our company. I wanted our people to go through the discovery process as I did.

[10:54] Gifts

I felt I had a musical talent from a very young age. I didn’t realize how serious it was because I was an only child. I was still very imaginative as a child, making up stories, acting out stories, or watching movies and singing along with them. I was fortunate to be born at that time. My parents were close friends with Bill Monroe, so I grew up behind the scenes. I didn’t know I was talented when I was a teenager.

[12:19] I grew up in a dysfunctional family, dealing with depression and struggling to find my way in the world. I didn’t grow up feeling loved and cared for, which is what any child requires. So, when the music clicked, I thought there’s something I can do. God created me for a purpose greater than this.

[15:03] Music

Any of the songs I’ve written are unique to me. I had a song called “she was mine” on my previous record. The song was about realizing we’re all human. Sure, my mother should have done better; I’m sure she wished she could have done better. She was broke, and she had ghosts to fight before the song was married. Still, she is the best mother I’ll ever have.

[16:21] However, excellent storytellers will see the future without the veil of anything else in the world. They will see people about whom they have a better understanding of human nature. So, I consider myself fortunate to see the universe and people and realize how plain we are, seeing what moves us, what pushes us, and what kills us or raises us. As a songwriter, I’m always searching for a story that hasn’t been written before.

[19:45] Guidance

I have to tell you a story about trust, optimism, and advice. Since then, I’ve been making music. But I needed to hear stories, and I like acting it out. So, it was always a thing to me. I wanted to waste time by entertaining people and making them laugh. I took courses, but to pay for them, I had to work several jobs; thus, I suffered. Nonetheless, I have faith in myself, and I know I can do it, and I enjoy what I’m doing.

[25:41] I was under the impression that I needed to challenge myself. Because of that, my whole life changed; I put myself out there, believing that I could do something that only I knew I could do when no one else did.

Key Quotes

[4:17-4-25] “People suffer or feel stuck in life because we embrace too many facts that aren’t true as reality.”

[22:56-23:01] “You must have faith in yourself. You should do it, even though you have no proof that you will actually be able to profit from it.”

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