In this episode of the Aww Shift Podcast, we have invited Michael Metcalf and Shaun Peet, Co-Founders of Deck Leadership. Michael and Shaun pursue their endeavors by helping leaders shift their mindset through the D.E.C.K Leadership stratagems – Diversity, Efficiency, Culture, and Kindness. Today, they will share how leaders should operate, their clients, and leadership as the lagging aspect to success.

[07:26] Why should we listen to you?

We are still in this high-octane environment where both of us operate on the edge of human brilliance—failures, taking lessons, and parallels. It is easy to translate being a father, husband, leader, etc. but if you are not growing, you are dying and all we want is to see people grow.

[12:52] Who do you work with?

We worked with Marshall McFadden, Linebackers from Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Football Teams, Softball stars, Navy Seals, Swimmers, etc. for all genders. The landscape and our scope had changed tremendously since we had started this endeavor.

[13:55] Leadership as a Lagging Aspect

Speed is the currency of business and we are an expert in speed. We don’t have great talent recruiting search, poor resources, and not even have the best facilities but we empower and weaponize our culture. We figured out our formula which is D.E.C.K or Diversity, Efficiency, Culture, and Kindness. When you put these four aspects into practice in your company, team, and life, you start seeing successful interactions sprout. Attract higher talent, you can be more competitive.

[17:11] Key principles to apply in your life

Fail quickly. You will not get it all correct all the time but if you fail quickly and not let it carry and affect you on your next try, you give yourself a chance to succeed. Many people think failure is the end but we think otherwise—don’t put a period when life intended a comma.

[18:15] You cannot mandate greatness where you tell someone to be the best at something immediately, but you can inspire them to be one. Even if there are rough times, do it in a way that pushes them to their limit. Taking care of yourself, being connected to things you are passionate about, people who care about you, and being authentic makes a lot of difference.

[26:00] What should we expect from you?

You will get authenticity. We are not polished or tell you something theoretical, we will tell you the things that worked for us in an extreme and intense environment. We figure out what your culture needs to “eat” all of your competitors.

[27:27] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

Michael: To be a bridge between people and bring them together.

Shaun: To be the one who turns on the lights of anyone’s brilliance.

Key Quotes:

[22:04 – 22:07] “You are not pushing hard enough if no one opposes you.”

[22:45 – 22:48] “It’s all about inspiring human brilliance regardless of what you do.”

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