In today’s episode, our guest is Michael Burt, a former championship coach, author, and the founder of Monster Producer. He builds Greatness Factories worldwide, and his whole heart is to serve everybody else to get you to understand what it’s like to take that next level and activate your pre-draft.

[5:06] When did you understand the importance of methodology?

I have a methodology of helping you find your voice and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I’m going to teach all my players the seven habits, every play that plays for me, and I’m going to teach principle-centered leadership. 

[11:01]What kept you ticking? 

The first time I began to understand placing an intention in the world and manifesting a dream. There are certain things that activate for me. It was a competition, that was me. I have a strong desire to be known. I think that’s a seed of something that would manifest later in my life.

[13:27] Overcoming the fear to leave what they’re already doing.

I would go to the mountains, and I would just stay up in the mountains for two or three days and just decompress. I’m starting right within those days. I’ve drawn it up like what I’m going to do, how we’re going to win this, and how we’re going after winning a championship.

[20:57] Monster Production

I produce these big-time people. I found a definition in the dictionary that says a monster is a legendary creature, and I thought that’s cool. That’s going to be the name of my coaching program, “Monster Producers.” We’re producing legendary creatures. 

[24:14]Greatness Factory

The Greatness Factory is a unique destination where we manufacture greatness. So it is its own entity. I’m really working with people who are already up and going.

[27:26] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I think the promise that this dude will unlock the potential in millions of people around the world.

Key Quotes

[15:45-15:46] “it didn’t matter how much I want. There was a bigger play for me.”

[24:45-24:32]I’m really working with people who are already up and going..”

[27:54-28:01} “That’s what his life’s purpose for 28 years. That’s all I’ve been doing, man. I can’t cook. I’m good, graphically illiterate. I can’t. I can’t fix a car, man. There’s a lot of things I can do. But it gave me the ability to activate that drive in people”.

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