In today’s episode, our guest is Marshall Morris, an Army veteran, and a serial entrepreneur. He’s involved in internet-based businesses that focus on high-quality products and services that give back to humanity in a measurable way. He has been able to fund over $350,000 to help veterans with PTSD donate 150,000 toys to animal shelters like the guy has done some incredible things.


[4:26] Why should I listen to you?

If we were to start a dialogue, my initial response would not be to tell you would be to listen. And then try to dig into what you know and what you learned and all that. I love learning from people. When you ask questions, you learn from people.


[7:29] Good and bad moments

I always love to challenge myself. I started a business at probably the worst time, and when looking back, I wouldn’t trade for it again; I also don’t want to do it again. It was painful, but I’m so thankful. We just wanted to rely on people. I think that God provided, and people were provided. When you drive up in a car that like, like a new car, but it’s behind in payments, and no registration, you’re making ten bucks an hour. That’s all I could do. That was a humbling experience when you were going from making multiple six figures a year to like; I got a job making seven bucks an Hour building garages in the middle of nowhere. You tell me you don’t plan, and you don’t think, and so for me, it was just like, the right place, right time with the proper skill set.


[10:05] What does matter to you?

For us, it’s like generosity is our ethos, me my wife, that’s our ethos. We have generosity goals, at the business, how much money we’re going to give this year, we have given goals personally, it lights us up. So we look at how we apply our skills in the world to do more of that. 

[10:51] My gift is just the canvas of business, and that allows me to get back financially. Whether people can get back time and mentorship, I try to do as much as possible. So I build businesses; it comes down to how we create something that we love to do.


[11:43] How do you guys land on dogs?

I grew up with dogs but didn’t have a dog when you started the business—my partner and I well with people, you know, complementary skills. So, I met an individual name’s Justin Palmer, who’s just one of the most innovative marketing guys. Like I could check my email at that time, like, pretty much like that.

[12:25] He has a background in building companies with purpose. He started by watching social media and realized people love doc posts and cat posts, and they love sharing; it’s a therapeutic thing. They’re very passionate about that, and they started asking people for better products. We had to take $1 and turn it into something else. There’s no extra money that came in; there was nothing. There was no spare cash that went into the company. The company now has a team of 60 people and plans to expand internationally and in the U.S. It will launch its first ad-supported product in the next few weeks, a line of pet products for dogs and cats, and pet-friendly products for people to bring to market. It’s called


[16:43] Why you chose that as an avenue?

So people matter or pets matter because people matter ultimately. It’s just; it’s just a level thing. For veterans, when I have joined the military for college because my dad was, you got to pay for it not doing that you do not do loans. What lit me up was when you talk to the wife of a soldier, who’s helped, and whenever to talk to wives about the impact of their husband getting a service animal like that, it just was just the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever seen. Our community is passionate about dogs. Therefore, we find a way to connect the community to those causes.


[19:10] Like that came from my background and the community’s ability to say, we love, we’re willing to help people. We love what dogs do for people’s lives. And if you do, this is just powerful.


[22:26] Envision in your wildest dreams.

I like how we’ve harnessed this industry’s power in this niche to create great products and do excellent, good in the world. I’d love to be in every you know, in China, we’ve been having conversations with that. It’s shopping with purpose like they can buy it from us get a great product, and then the world is better because of that. And they don’t have to trade off any value, you’re not paying more, so it’s so, and I think that’s the business model is like, We’re not trying to create a brand where it’s too expensive, only Sony will buy it right or protect it.


[25:28] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I think it’s just a model to provide a model for the generosity that most people can connect with. Like that’s really where my being is like, and I don’t give up. So that’s my superpower.


Key Quotes

[4:46 – 4:47] I think you can learn from everybody. 

[19:34 – 19:42] We’re a leader in taking charge and situations to initiate change.


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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