In today’s episode, we have Marc Hildebrand joining us today to provide us the push that we need to succeed in fitness and in life, join us as he gives us the inspiration to feel good and manage our success. 

[6:05] Why should anybody listen to you? 

I had to go through all my struggles, using those moments to help others to navigate through that experience. 

[9:14] Your ‘Aww’ Shift Moment

I was a full-time police officer and I was going all out. It took me down to the path where I was not able to show up for my son. I think it was in this moment after the decision, another decision came up and led to another. Growing as a person I want to know my limits. What continued to motivate me is having my son not at home and I think that I need to be there for him. 

[14:12] Environmental factors that helped you 

Physical Environment, we make sure that we see or have everything in front of us. When you hang out with people who are inspiring, changing lives, and changing things for the better you shift your mindset and set your energy.

[18:10] Push Coach

It came from a business coach of mine. When you hang out with certain kinds of people you get accountable and hold yourselves to a higher level of standard. As a push coach, I want to know what really is important to you and make sure that you stick to this plan and be consistent in doing so. 

[20:42] How do you find your balance? 

I do reflections on things on how I spend my time and energy and make sure I adjust it the following week so my family can see that they are important. 

[24:34] Leaving your career to do your business. 

My initial intention when I became a policeman is to work for 33 years. My trajectory has changed, I’m going to get to 20 -21 years to retire early. This is going to help me fulfill my purpose.

[28:59] What’s God’s promise to the world when he made you? 

He put me here to go through my personal struggle and to show the world how to navigate theirs.


Key Quotes

[18:50 – 19:10] “I want to know and identify what really important to you.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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