In today’s episode, our guest is Manuel Astruc. A psychiatrist turned coach who helps entrepreneurs who are suffering from burnout. He spent over 20 years in the industry and 50 plus thousand hours assisting people face-to-face. Manuel not only understands the science behind it and understands the application of it because he’s a coach now.


[4:56] Why should I listen to you?

You probably listen to me because I’ve put on my entrepreneur hat and my coaching hat. In my professional capacity, the standard of care focuses on the patient, not on us. And we forget that even people who are supposed to have their act together don’t.


[7:17] How does somebody first wake up to realize I’m in that kind of muck?

When I became a psychiatrist, I learned how to work hard. And looking back, there have been many other bottoms that I’ve hit in my life. I’ve had problems with alcoholism, and I had issues with depression. But until I hit that point where I didn’t have anywhere else to turn but to look at myself and say, you know, this is something going on with me, I’ve got to make a change. And what can be helpful is at least to hear other stories. So part of the message that I give folks is to be on the lookout for certain signs and symptoms because this could be you, and it doesn’t have to be. 


[8:39] Symptoms of Burnout

First is exhaustion physical and mental exhaustion. Second is a sense of cynicism creeps into your life. The third piece is starting to lose your effectiveness at work. You feel it, and you can begin to see that you’re no longer connecting with your work the way you used to.


[11:04] When’s the time to ask for help.

What do people typically try that doesn’t seem to work because we do things. Let’s sleep some more, let’s eat, let’s work out. It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t generally help.

[12:03] The thing that started to help was taking a step back, a significant commitment, taking good care of myself, and a big focus on cutting out negativity.


[13:29] The drive on wanting to teach other people.

When I started to feel better, I made some changes that help—but having a bigger vision for my life. Over the last 12 years, I’ve tried five different avenues. And each one has been a project where I’ve learned some stuff. I ultimately decided to get into coaching, and with many of my patients, its people come to mean, like, desperate for feeling better.


[15:17] I wanted to work with those individuals who could develop a vision for a bigger future and wanted to make the most that they could out of their lives.  When COVID struck, I had a five-year vision of working with entrepreneurs. It was like. I’m got a pivot, and let’s go after that now. I want to be better.


[16:47] The reason I hadn’t gotten immediately was because I was afraid. 


[19:41] What happens if somebody continues to endure without taking the leap and moving?

The people who get that there are results that they want are available to them. They’ll take that. And the people that don’t will end up with something more severe than burnout.


[25:24] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

God created me because there’s be someone who’s going to help more people.


Key Quotes

[5:58-6:03] “I find that people are leading other people, but they haven’t led themselves properly finding that.”

[23:27-23:32] “Think of happiness as an engine that can help get you to your goals.”

[23:33-23:41] “Happiness helps success come faster rather than being the end product of success.”


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