In today’s episode, our guest is Magda Khalifa. She has witnessed the 911 attacks. They did two tours in Iraq, dealt with their own kind of health issues, and launched the first veteran-owned luxury fragrance line for men and women in her foundations. She has a new book out which is called the best-selling action book called American Dream. We’re going to talk about more of her book and how to have success and succeed in life. 

[03:15]Why should we pay attention to you?

What I have to offer is a little bit different in its perspective. Because a lot of times we have a lot of value to give back. But sometimes, people get lost in their messaging because it sounds too much like someone else doesn’t sound original, doesn’t sound authentic. I’ve realized the path I’ve taken in life is not perhaps the most common path. It provided a perspective that many other people have not necessarily thought of.

[04:17] How did the military come into play for your life?

When I joined, I was about 29 years old. But before that, back then in the 90s, I was married, my college degree had a career in information technology. Seeing the act of war in my backyard in New York City and other spots in our country pushed me to make a commitment and do something and serve something bigger than myself.

[8:54] Where did the book see forth come from?

It’s between 2007 and 2018. I was healing, I was growing, I was functional on the outside, but I was still struggling with many things I didn’t understand. Over time, I was able to find what I call a success path to move forward. As hard as each day was, I took whatever I could from that day and just pushed it on to the next day. Over almost a decade, I made it through and turned my life around 180 degrees. I realized I needed to share my story because if I was going to help others, I needed to be vulnerable and show who I was as a person and what I had gone through. I try to lay out a little roadmap. There’s something in the book towards the end called the freedom triangle.

[11:08] What was the freedom triangle?

Many people are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which is a triangular form as well. I think of the freedom triangle as the next level. It addresses some of the shortcomings in us because I realized that the first century was different. Generationally, we evolved, which is a good thing humans could evolve. So the thing that worked in the past may not be sufficient having a roof over your head and food. This concept is based on time freedom, health freedom, and mind freedom, which is the pinnacle of the triangle. And that’s the hardest one that people don’t always get to in life. But if they know how to do that, they’re more likely to get there. 

[12:26] The reason I came up with a fragrance line is that I needed a physical product that would be a good representative for freedom triangle for those modern luxury points of inner peace, personal freedom and significance that we all crave. I thought about fragrance for two reasons. One, men and women could wear fragrances. Also, it could serve people worldwide. I didn’t want a product sold just here in the US. So even though it is made in the USA, it is available worldwide because part of my freedom triangle serves people worldwide.

Additionally, the fragrance is powerful. Each of the scents is intentional. And they’re designed to invoke the aura of the point in the freedom triangle they correspond with.

[18:56] When you have the money to be able to look back and think about what you’ve gone through, you appreciate the fact that you were part of it and it shapes who you are as a person from now on.

[20:37] What’s the foundation about?

During my transition years that I alluded to earlier, before I even wrote the book, I found that helping others through nonprofits, helping others that were worse off than me helped me. That was very near and dear to my heart. I am grateful that I still have my struggles, but I didn’t lose my limbs. I didn’t lose my eyesight.

[21:29] Its mission is to help people find inner peace and personal freedom. We’re giving back and helping others so that they could come out on the other side of the struggle and really good, fulfilling, peaceful life afterward.


Key Quotes:

[09:54-10:05] “I realized not everybody is going to have the same experiences and not everyone is going to have gone through the exact same things that I’ve gone through. But one thing I’ve learned about struggle is it’s all about mindset.”

[15:45-15:53] “I believe if you’re going to commit to something, you become all in, and you sink your teeth into it, and go as far as you can with it.”


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