-“What do you mean you can’t?”
-“I’m not sure. It’s not that easy to say these things. I’ve been carrying this with me for a very long time. Haven’t looked back.”
-“But…that’s the issue. You never looked back. You never forgave what’s been done to you, you never overcame. You can’t fix side-effects and ignore the source. It just doesn’t work that way, it never has.”
-“I’m constantly thinking about it. I can’t just forgive, it’s too hard. They don’t deserve my time and words.”
-No. They don’t. But you do. You deserve closure and peace. Say what you have to say, forgive the ones who have done you wrong, because if you don’t, the weight of it all will eventually consume you. All the tears we’ve ever shed are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. Free yourself by letting the grudge go. That’s how we form peace.”

? Make “Shift” Happen ?

Written by : Anthony Trucks