In this episode, we have invited Kyle Sullivan, former D1 athlete, now husband. He’s a pastor, founder of a coaching business in a concept called Unleash the Champ. He has the desire to serve and is passionate to spread the word to the world now than ever because the world is changing. And we need people who are anchored and grounded to lead us in different directions.  


[03:37] Why should we listen to you?

Why you should listen to me is because I’m going to be obsessively interested in you in hoping that we have a conversation that will inspire and motivate you, but more so, I just want to learn about your story and “Aww Shift” moments in your life. And so if we’re sitting at a coffee shop, we’re going to enjoy some coffee, some conversation, connection, and we’re gonna leave inspired.


[04:42] Competitive mentality

I got into sports really as an outlet for wanting to be accepted. Wanting to be seen as cool. I was born when my dad was a senior in high school, and my biological mom bounced for about six months. He’s the hardest working man I know even today, just a whatever it takes mentality. 

Growing up, I was always into sports. One of my greatest awards was the Leadership Award. We had the scout team award when I was coming up into high school. I got that two times and I loved it because I knew that that was making other people better until I got my chance to play, so it wasn’t always that way. I had a lot of things to overcome in my own life.


[9:49] Aww Shift Moment

So in the midst of all of my college career, I pledge a fraternity, I’m cheering, move out of my parent’s house, move into the frat house. I thought I had to eat the limitless pill, and I could do anything. And it wasn’t until I got jumped at a drug deal. 


[11:11] I went to church from middle school through high school, but I couldn’t stand it. And so I went to church. I call a guy. And I said, “I need Jesus.” I just didn’t abbreviate anything. He said, Okay, come over. So I’ve come over, He leads me to Christ, on his front porch, in between drugs and a cigarette, wake up the next day, yet another all shift moment. 

So I dropped out of college. I quit everything, moved out of the frat house, and got connected with a group of guys living way different from me, but I had a much better direction. That started this transformation in me of structured liveness that I didn’t realize was destructive until I became face to face with it. And so I took a year off, worked, went back to school, and a small Christian School in Arkansas got my degree in Christian studies and thought, I’m gonna be a pastor.


[15:13]  Pastoring journey

I started getting involved in the church. Got my yeses on the table. I have no clue what that means. I just knew I didn’t want to go back to what I was doing. 


[17:53] The pastoring thing came from being in it, being in the environment, being available and obedient to the right, and being willing to walk through doors as they come.


[18:54] 5 Pillars

So the five pillars are your calling, heart, attitude, mindset, and performance. So the calling is I think so many people are willingly in cages of comfort, security, and what others think they should do. But when you ask them, Hey, what do you want to do? It’s a whole cliche question. If money was no option, what would you do? It’s probably 8 out of 10 times not doing what they’re doing now. 

Key Quotes:

[18:29 – 18:39] “Bible says all things work together for our good. It may not be a good thing for us. But it does always work out in our favor.”

[21:58 – 22:08] “Oftentimes, people who have solved the money problem, but it was sacrificed. Because it’s something that you have to be in a place where you want to invest in yourself.”


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