In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast with Anthony Trucks, Kevin Hoffman joined the show to share his knowledge about how successful people make shift happen. Kevin is and inspirational speaker and the author of Growing up Black in White. Kevin was born two weeks after the riots in Detroit in 1967 as a result of a forbidden affair between a white married woman and a black married man. 

[11:15] Trans-racial Adoption Process

You must first understand what you are going through. When you go through the adoption process, the agencies will give you a form to fill out asking whether you are open to adopting a kid with medical issue, biracial child, etc. 

 [13:28] Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Culture as Trans-racial Adoptee


  1. Learning Black Culture; 
  2. Cultural Gap;
  3. Cultural Adjustment.


  1. Monetary Advantage;
  2. Ability to Code Switch. 

[20:00] Cultural Diversity and Racism

[20:07] “Just because your experience isn’t my experience doesn’t mean it did not happen.”

You must honor each other and each other’s view and experience.  

[24:49] Involving Trans-Racial Children with Conversations about Racism

Involve your children to a conversation to become aware of racial discrimination. You must encourage them to open up about their experiences especially with racial discrimination.

Key points: 

[11:15] “You become desperate for a child that you are willing to accept anything.”

[21:51] “If we see the world from different angles, whose view is correct? We both could be correct because of the experiences we have come through.”

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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