In this episode, our guest, Kayvon Kay, is a Master of Sales and Closing, Keynote Speaker, and Creator of One-Call Closer Methodology. As someone who has experienced a rebirth and brings himself back from the ashes, Kayvon experienced the deepest abyss of his life and clawed himself back up. Equipped with knowledge and experience in sales, he creates his masterclass for influencers and is the cream of the industry’s crop. In this second episode, Kayvon shares his most profound life lessons and how betrayals and failures are not your endgames.




I partnered with my mentor where we built a $10 million company, trained 5000 students in 100 different countries, only to be betrayed. He took full advantage of his “mentor” status, telling me that I should trust him.


One thing that I learned from him is that I need to earn everything. It will be hard and takes a lot longer than someone giving it to you, but no one will take it away from you. It’s all yours.


The Real Building Process


It’s not easy. It’s overwhelming. You feel like a failure and everyone’s judging you. But in reality, nobody cares.


Business is hard. There are days where it’s just hard, and there are days where you want to quit. But you can’t never give up and lose sight of your goal.  People want to experience lavish and richness in life, but they sit only at the edge. They tend to put people on the pedestal, give permission to themselves to not do anything and make excuses of not achieving the same success because of not having traits associated to that person.


When you take that leap, it is okay when you fall and hit the ground. You’ve done it before; you know how to get back up. And so, you try again. The problem is, when you fall deep in the abyss, people lose their vision, and that is when most people quit. Believe in yourself. To sit in the top is to have courage and not live-in fear. Fear is an illusion; it is only a result of something.




Everything you want in your life is a direct reflection of what’s going on the inside. People make decisions out of fear. Have courage and make decisions out of faith, not necessarily through religion but faith in one’s capability. That you can make it there and it will be a tumultuous path.


Identity Shift and Decisions


One of the biggest keys that I had to realize is that I am a sales professional, and that is my cape. I’m not a sales professional Monday to Friday; it’s not what I do, It’s who I am. I am not taking my cape off and spend my day being someone else because that is not how the world works.


If you start a business, don’t get into it for too much that would end up neglecting your health. You need to be able to turn yourself on when your backs are against the wall.


What promise did God make to the world when He created you?


Develop the true leader within me to inspire the world.


Key Quotes:

[12:18 – 12:24] “There will be days when it is hard and you wanted to quit, but you can never give up and lose sight.”

[15:33 – 15:36] “When we believe fear exist, we start operating from that standpoint.”

[17:51 – 18:00] “My life changed and see myself in a new light, when I realized that I have to keep my cape for the rest of my life.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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