In today’s episode, our guest is Justin Roethlingshoefer, Co-Founder of Own It. We’re going to talk about creating outcomes and information of what you do with the current output of great technology. Justin will share some tools you can use to better your life. He’s been to high levels of work with high-level people. Now, he’s playing for his own self and takes care of his own by taking care of other high-level C.E.O.s, corporations, and their bodies. 

[7:56] Why should we listen to you?

If you were to come to sit next to me, that would be the reason because I would invest the time, I would invest energy, and honestly care for you as a person. Not just as a human being but as an authentic person. I want to make a difference between being seen as a human being and being seen as a person. We are all human beings. But the person’s core essence has to do with their soul, interests, passions, and genuinely understanding what that is. And that’s where that true bond and connection can come from.

[10:45] Before having one of the bigger shifts of his life

I was always the guy waiting for that next shoe to drop. My entire career coming up, it was having to transfer schools in college, getting cut or traded from my junior teams. It was constantly having to prove myself. 

[11:30] It was something that continued to drive me, motivate me. A part of what drove me out of the game was that continual feeling of being on edge, needing to prove myself differently, and continue to go and almost be like a marionette. Being controlled by somebody else left me feeling a massive amount of anxiety day in and day out, no matter what I was doing. 

[12:07] It was spectacular when I was training and playing at the facility. It was amazing. I loved stepping into the arena and hearing the noisy crowd and the camaraderie of the players. But that is a moment, and the moment the buzzer sounds, everybody leaves, and then you’re left in the locker room again.

[13:59] Realizations and Acceptance

I kind of had that moment twice. Once when I made the step from a player to a coach. And the next from when I made the entire exit from the N.H.L. to full-time entrepreneur life.

[15:40] I found myself in many areas that I needed to develop. I found many areas of weakness that I could just brush over before because I was in a place of comfort. I was in a place of familiarity that I was able to thrive.

[17:13]  One of the big things that I always did when I was on the road was a very entrepreneurial mind. I’m engaged in connecting with people. I need people to thrive. 

[19:08] My mentors today are the people I continue to seek out and have relationships with and are involved in different business entities. It opened my eyes to this whole new generation of people or this unique area in the health and wellness space that is completely being ignored. This application side to information of how do we truly enhance ourselves. There’s more data and information than ever before in every aspect of our lives. But the application is missing. At that moment, I started to realize there was a new way to do this outside of just the 25 guys that I was enthralled within that N.H.L. team.

[21:13] Building a Big Company

We ultimately built it to whereas most companies end up. Time becomes your biggest bottleneck. We ended up hiring a company to make us an application that generated A.I. took a lot of like my brain and put it together to help impact other people. A month ago, they came to us, and they said, “Hey, we love what you’re doing. We love what we’re building for you. We would like to actually buy you.”

[22:32] It took a lot of conversing with my mentors in self-work and alignment work. My coaches helped get me to the point of scaling to something larger than myself that will have a significant impact. And so, what we did was we sold the tech side to this company and have created our own tech, which we’ve now partnered with two of the biggest wearable tech companies in the world.

[25:35] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

That there would be no stone left unturned. And I say that because He built in me a relentlessness that sometimes frightens me to the uphill battles. I often think about standing before Him when everything is done and saying, “Hey, Justin, what did you do with the gifts that I’ve given you?” I want to exhaust everything and wring out everything that he’s placed in me. The biggest one is that there will never be a stone that I do not turn over to figure out where I can make an impact for Him and utilize the gifts that He’s so graciously blessed me with.


Key Quotes:

[17:28-17:30] “I need people to thrive.”

[19:49-19:54] “There’s more data and information than ever before in every aspect of our lives. But the application is missing.”


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