In today’s episode, our guest is Justin Roethlingshoefer, founder of a company called Just Own It. He’s also been a head strength coach in multiple different areas like NHL and NCAA. So he’s got a great realm of not just comprehension of the body but also of the mind. 

[8:06] Why should we listen to you?

I am genuine when it comes to asking questions. 

[13:30] Journey of sports that led you to what you do now.

When I was 12 years old, I had just come back from a major tournament played against many guys that are currently still playing in the NHL. And we had lost in the final, and in 12 years old, I sit there, and I said to my dad, what’s it going to take for me to get to that next level and continue to grow and continue to keep playing at this level because I looked around at me and everybody’s good. My father told me that talent would get you noticed, but with consistency, you get paid. And I took that to heart.

[14:25] And so from then on, I tried to figure out the key to consistency, the key to what would make me the most consistent version of myself that was going to allow me to exude my God-given talent. 

[20:25] How does this show up in value to the rest of the world of owning

Entrepreneurs, executives, executive teams continue to feel that they need to perform. They continue to come in and say, Hey, what can I do to bring more of myself to work, and they’re going to work longer hours. They’re going to jeopardize their self-care, their bodies for the sake of the almighty dollar, their career.

[21:08] You want to know the health of your business. Look at EBITDA; you have money in the stock market, stock market habits, the number you’re able to measure it. Ultimately, you can manage what you’re doing and have something you can come back to. 

[23:23] The second is a DNA and epigenetic test. What’s going on internally? What are you deficient in micronutrient wise, macronutrient wise? How does your body utilize it? 

[23:48] The third is HRV, and you come back to the measure of heart rate variability. Your body reacts to all the stress every day, and it does not know the difference between mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional stress. It just has a natural stress response, and it’s up to you on how to deal with it.

[27:49] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

That I would act in accordance to his word and be a servant that would leave every place I touched better than I found it. 

Key Quotes

[11:02-11:06] “It’s funny as much as we’re connected on these social platforms, people aren’t truly deeply connected.”

[22:12-22:28] “No matter how good you box it up, you’re not going to get any more time. At the end of this podcast, we will not get this hour back. But what we can do is we can manage our energy. And if we manage energy, time becomes obsolete.”


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