In today’s episode, our guest is Juliana Curtis, the Managing Market Builder at MONAT. Unlike other people who are at the peak of their lives, enjoying the vestige of their career, Juliana has just started her journey. Living her life like a normal mother and a full-time employee, Juliana shares with us how her love for a product became the avenue on her steady path to success.

[7:48] Why should we listen to you?

I am someone different. We can sit down to all kinds of people nowadays and they will have a unique story. Even though sometimes they seem like they have nothing to offer, there is always something to learn from people.

[12:21] Strong Mentality

My grandmother and mother made miracles out of nothing. I got support from my single mother and my grandmother, who was looking for my kid. Seeing it sparked a fire in me to keep moving forward. I could not stop, because I have nothing else in me.

[15:34] Growth & Opportunity

I started to attend Zoom calls and see how empowering it was. Looking back, I realized just how closed minded I am. They opened my mind to other opportunities that I had no idea I had the access to.

[16:07] I stick with it as it is essential for my personal growth. I felt my progress in my growth to the point where my husband can notice something has changed. It made me feel good.

[17:34] People started looking at me for help and it felt like I need to share something. Receiving feedback from the customers felt good, because I am a customer too, and I feel what they felt. It is refreshing to hear from customers that I have assisted them in one way or the other.

[19:15] Mindset 

My mindset way back then was all about job security. If there are any uncertainty, my defense mechanism is to stay away from it. It can be attributed to the things that we hear a lot repeatedly, like to work hard to achieve your endeavors in life. Now that I have seen the potential, even if it’s just tiny, it felt like it exceeds what I thought was possible.

[21:17] I have gone through many breakthroughs it’s unbelievable. I am living a better, healthier and happier life and it is something that I can feel with my family. I am more productive and understands the importance of having different systems tailored on your day-to-day activities. This has been empowering and I feel like a new person.


[23:36] Success

The biggest thing that limits other people’s success is their consistency. Their purpose is not big enough and it affects their consistency. Through that, they ended up not giving any value. They are also not showing up for their business because they do not believe on themselves enough.

[27:01] Anyone can do this but it is not for everyone. People don’t trust their mentors enough. What I did is to be open enough to try things that I was tasked, even if I am afraid of doing it. Fear keeps you away from success.

[28:40] Make your purpose strong enough, whether it is to lose weight, make money, or to better themselves. When you are strong, you get over on things that would hinder you. 

[31:42] What promise did God made to the world when He created you?

I would bring gift and share something to world. Whether it’s for one or a hundred people, it will not matter.

Key Quotes:

[13:11 – 13:16] “I can’t let my child down even though I put us in this situation. I have to move forward.”

[27:43 – 27:47] “People are not stepping out of their comfort zones, and that stunts their growth.”

[29:13 – 29:17] “They fail on something because they are not mentally strong enough.”

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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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