In this episode of Aww Shift Podcast, we have invited John Vuong, Owner of Local SEO Search. John has always been about fulfilling his endeavors. By founding an SEO company with his siblings, John thinks otherwise, taking the engineering and law route like a typical Asian mindset of success. Today, John discusses his thoughts about following your passion and why it matters. 

[03:24] Why should we listen to you?

I am passionate about life. I am all about giving, understanding, and curiosity. I always want to learn from others and, at the same time, impart my learnings to them. I continually probe and ask to serve others ultimately. 

[08:24] SEO Space

I started the agency in 2013, building on the foundation to continually improve and provide all the customers with a family value as the base the greatest return on their income. I like SEO because every business owner should recognize the most common and daunting commercialization tactic—this is a black box of unknowns. 

[13:14] Definition of Success

Early success is all about uncovering that your passion is your job, money is stability, and your career is work. Success for me is to give back, make an impact, build a community and tribe to help others achieve whatever success means to them. 

[24:01] Doing what you Love

In my life, I met people who were upset, sad, and ever irritated. You could direct them and even build a company for them with a golden platter, and they all need to do it. However, they are not yet prepared to risk it. It now leads you to understand the harsh lesson of life and steer you in the right way.

[25:37] Figure out what makes you happy. If you want to work nine to five every day, and that brings you joy, happiness, and content, don’t complain. Don’t live in regret. 

[26:07] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

It is all about giving me the freedom to express myself and to be the best human possible.

Key Quotes:

[09:24 – 09:37] “SEO is a kept secret for many business owners.”

[13:54 – 14:08] “Whenever people are happy, sad, depressed, or frustrated, it would be fulfilling if I convinced one person to get inspired in doing something greater than whatever they are doing.”

[15:40 – 15:46] “Learn from the smartest, greatest, and wealthiest people. Aspire to be better and more than what you currently are.”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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