In today’s episode of the podcast, we have invited Joey Dumont. He spent 20 years in the media business running ad agencies. He took time off to write a memoir and is now doing a podcast about many complex topics.

[6:00] Why should I listen to you?

I would either go “listen to me personally” or “listen to what I have to say. I started a podcast for that exact reason”. Our society today is so absurd that you either laugh at what you see or you cry. And I choose to laugh my cry out. So I started a podcast, have complex conversations with folks, specific subject matter experts. I admit what I don’t know. I try to understand what I don’t know through lots of research, lots of homework, and then I bring people into my life that can help me better understand the complexity of both sides.

[8:03] Where did the idea come from?

It stemmed from the fact that I am pretty political. I grew up in a rural area, Santa Rosa, California, and many of my friends are conservatives and Trumpers even. My family is also conservative. I grew up that way. But because I spent 20 years in the media industry in New York, in San Francisco, most of my colleagues are liberal. And so, I’ve always been in the middle space. What led me to want to do this was to cast aside the misinformation, disinformation, and abuse.

[10:28] What’s the plan with it all?

It’s not constricted to anything, it’s about things that I think are topical, that are important in our culture, and then how that permeates into the decisions, we’re making and our beliefs.

[13:54] What are some things that you bring forth as any of that trickle in?

Four of my five clients are female. And a lot of it has to do with assertiveness training. In the media world, much like many other areas in the business world, there’s a lot of white men in charge. And so the good news on that front is that there’s a lot of female executives moving into the top ranks within advertising, but just not enough. And so part of it for me is how do my clients navigate that landscape? And what’s the best thing we can do to talk to them about not necessarily being aggressive but understanding how to negotiate more like a guy.

[17:47] Where do you see yourself with what you do with these people?

I’m not going to go back and run another ad agency as much as I loved it. It’s a 100% focus, and it’s 60 plus hours a week. It’s lots of travel, lots of stress. I’m going to consult on the side. And I’m going to do some speaking next year again when it comes back on. And that’s really where my career now is – talking about leadership at media conferences, helping my media executives, and then my passion project – my podcast.

[20:18] Upcoming episodes

I will be having an episode with the lieutenant of my city, where I went to high school in Santa Rosa. We had dinner together a month ago, and I told him what I was doing. I said, “you know, dude, there’s so much information misinformation on police.” And so we will be talking about the militarization of the police, the actual training, the de-escalation, training, all of the pieces and parts statistically around his actual department. I also met a young man online who was a member of the DNC in Sacramento, and he just got his master’s degree in Public Policy. And I’m bringing him on to talk about what he believes is the future of our democracy, what progressive means to him versus what it meant to me. I have another episode that I will be taking with my former professor from Notre Dame to talk about Cognitive Immunity.

[32:11] What promise did God make to the world when He created you?

I would help others understand themselves a little better.


Key Quote:

[16:14 – 16:19] “To be a good executive conscientiousness, and order is two very big pieces to success.”

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