In this episode, we have Joe Lau to help us be productive as ever. Maximizing our time and managing distractions to be able to enjoy more into life. 

[2:52] Why should anybody listen to you? 

It’s because I have done it. And it was not easy. If I can do it anybody with the right mindset can do it. 

[3:38] Why is it your choice to give back to the word?

It feels like a void when there is no fulfillment. I was struggling and I think I don’t have what it takes to help others. I feel so much gratitude and pressure to help others. 

[5:36] Time is the most important resource that we have. My mission is to help an entrepreneur to be so productive.

[6:36] How do you get to people? 

Authenticity. I just share my story. I tell them my story and all my experiences in building my business.

[10:34] What is the Process?

I have a process called APP system.  It is an app that you download to your mind which stands for Attitude, Productivity, and People. You need to set your attitude to see time is scarce. Next is productivity, which I have a process called SPF which is Scheduling, Prioritize Impact, and Focus to finish.  

[27:35] What did God promise to the world when he made you? 

That I will help other people to live a more productive life and say yes to others, help others. 


[3:10-3:26] “If I can do it anybody with the right mindset can do it.”

[9:50-10:24] “No entrepreneur should sacrifice personal life to have professional gain”


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Written by : Anthony Trucks

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