In today’s episode, our guest is Jen Lucas. Through research and innovation, Jen has made her own food and skincare made out of Matcha powder. She’s a big advocate for the importance of knowing what goes into one person’s body. 


[5:49] Why should we listen to you?

Jen takes life experiences as they come and dwell with them as they occur. Some of them are successful and stick. Some are not. She’s not afraid of mistakes, learn a lesson, and move on.


[6:40]  How do you just do that?

Fear is a huge factor that many people have, and it’s hard to let go of that for sure. Overcoming fear is the first big step we need to take, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Take each hardship as an opportunity to grow, explore, and learn a lesson that will feed your soul. For Jen, it took a little while to acknowledge the undesirable feelings and fears that come from challenges and eventually embrace them. Those fears, challenges, and tribulations are part of your journey. Heal from them, let them go, and move on.


[8:33] Yang and Yin Health

Jen has been consciously watching her health in every aspect. That includes quitting drinking coffee, doing yoga, religiously investing on skincare, oral care, cleaning products, et cetera. These small little changes to Jen on this incredible journey helped help her heal and overcome the adversities and insecurities that she was facing then.

[10:09] Jen was introduced to drinking Matcha through her friend. She has always been a tea drinker and loves drinking green tea. 


[11:36] Does the ceremony, the process, the ownership of that segment of your data, is that holding power that you believe helps. 

Jen had a hard time balancing her career and taking care of her small children. But she commits to doing her best at work so she could provide for her children

[12:41]  Jen commits to allocating some “Me Time” by doing a little workout, answering emails, taking a break, and making her tea.


[14:31] What are the great valuable benefits for our health for green tea? 


There are so many great benefits that green tea provides to our bodies. Matcha comes from the same plant as green tea but is just grown and processed differently. Matcha has a wealth of antioxidants contained in matcha, including polyphenols, EGCG, and all of those collectively really boost our body’s immune defense.


[15:21] Matcha interestingly enhances your mood with the caffeine, but because of all of the antioxidants and the polyphenols and stuff that it contains, it releases caffeine differently. But in coffee, you’re experiencing high, and when you’re low. Matcha sustains your energy and focus all day, but at the same time, it promotes a state of relaxation. So it’s very interesting the way that that dynamic works.

[16:17] How do you bring this to the world?

Jen has always known that she is meant to have her own business, but it took a while for that process to unfold. She keeps reminding herself that whatever it is, it’s going to come to her when it’s time

[17:53] Jen had a cloudy vision of where she needs to start. But she knew she wanted it to be with Matcha. Jen found a supplier and began selling Matcha online. While offering her option, Jen wants to develop some creative and innovative ways to use Matcha outside of just drinking as a tea. Through exploration, Jen has created an actual skin cream made with Matcha powder. All those antioxidants are extremely good for your skin. For anti-aging, for redness, reducing oil, acne-prone skin.

[19:36] Jen ended up using green tea extract. She has everything research like all the ingredients to make sure everything’s spot on and beneficial.


[26:17] What promise did God make to the world when he created you?

God will provide the support that Jen needed as long as we do the work, stay open, and let it in.


Key Quotes

[22:01-22:18] “I listen to podcasts. I attend webinars and I love to absorb this information. However, I think that it’s important and for me, especially to take all that with a grain of salt and keep what resonates with me.”


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